Police catch home robbery suspects in the act

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MIDLOTHIAN, Va. (WTVR) -- Police arrested two suspects Sunday while in the midst of what looked like a home robbery.

Dispatch received a call Sunday from one of the residents reporting that two men were breaking into a house in the neighborhood.

The suspects were found breaking into a home on Buck Rub Drive in the Deer Run area. Neighbors say the home has been vacant for nearly five years after its foreclosure.

Neighbors expressed concern about the situation. Vincent Burnet has lived in the neighborhood for 20 years and knows most of them personally. However, Burnet says the empty house still causes concern.

"The house has been empty five years," Burnet says. "If there's squatters sliding in and out - it's kind of scary you know."

Hometown Reality foreclosure agent, Shannon Haskins, said that these issues happen often. Houses can't be closed on until all the paperwork is sorted out.

When the call was made to 911 on Sunday, police reported to the house and cornered the suspects inside. Both were arrested, including a Clover Hill High School student and Christopher Rouse.

"This ain't people breaking in to steal stuff or mess it up man," Rouse said.

Rouse has been charged with contributing and possession of marijuana, as well as burglary.


  • Glen Allen

    “Houses can’t be closed on until all the paperwork is sorted out.” – Hahahahaha, Five (5) years and counting? Really Shannon Haskins? I find that very hard to believe. Meanwhile the home falls into disrepair, encourages squatters, mice, rats, snakes, and of course, lower property values for the neighborhood. While I am in the market to buy a larger home, I don’t think I will be looking at Hometown Reality for anything.

  • gerry

    after 5 years whats the point?could have let them stay there free and been better off.Bet hometown and the bank have a house they wanna sell it don’t take no 5 years.love it when people agree to a interview and don’t know what they are going to say so just wing it,good one.

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