Infant returned home, teen mother still missing

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UPDATE: The two-month old infant who went missing with her teen mother Christmas Eve was returned home Christmas Day, according to Richmond Police.

Bertha Romero-Curbelo, 15, is still missing. Police do not believe she is in any danger.

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Richmond Police are looking for a missing 15-year-old girl and the teenager's two-month-old baby.

Bertha Romero-Curbelo, 15, was last seen around noon on Christmas Eve when she left her family's Britannia Rd. home with the infant, police wrote in a media advisory.

"She does not have legal custody of the child," police said. "She was last seen walking in the direction of Hopkins Road with the infant in her arms."

Romero-Curbelo's mother has custody of the child, and told CBS 6 News the baby lived with her.  Yoelia Curbelo said her relationship with Bertha is "rocky," and that she wants the baby back home.

"Come and take the baby home, please," said Curbelo.  "You don't need no more trouble."

Curbelo said her daughter, who is a freshman at George Wythe High School, is already on probation.

Romero-Curbelo has shoulder-length, curly hair and was wearing a black jacket with a gold peace sign on the back, blue jeans and black boots.

"Officers have no reason to believe Curbelo-Romero would harm herself or her child, but they do worry about their safety and would like to return them to their family," police wrote.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.


  • M.L. Adams

    “Officers have no reason to believe Curbelo-Romero would harm herself or her child…”

    Sounds like something bedsides this mother and child is missing here! A mother, albeit it a 15 year old mother, and her child, have been ‘missing’ less than 10 hours, and the police are ‘concerned?’ Although they have “no reason to believe she would hurt herself or her child?” Can you say “BS” boys and girls? I knew that you could!

  • Pam

    Hope they are found soon it’s too cold out for an infant to be outside. Hopefully they checked with the family of the father of the baby….maybe she wanted them to share Christmas with them and her baby.

  • Glen Allen

    It is Christmas, I hope Bertha will go home with the infant and put her differences aside with her mom. There is professional help available out there for free to help mom and grandma get their relationship together. Please take it before it is too late. Bertha, contact the police and they will help you.

  • Carmen Borden

    this 15 yr old i still missing but the baby is back home and safe. too bad she didn’t get the guidence she needed before getting pregnant, considering she’s had some trouble. instead of putting her in juvi, the first sign of trouble then placing her on probation, she should have been in counseling. but, rich white kid kills 4 while driving drunk and no license and stealing pryor to the accident, gets to attend a 450k a year retreat.

  • lenny

    carmen the rich white kid s parents paid the bill for that and this 15 year olds birth and care to.blame others much for crappy parenting?Now back to your freebies.

    • scars

      I guess only rich kids deserve to have any type of help then. If your parents can’t afford for you to get counseling, you are on your own? Guess what. We still pay for it. Society paid for the rich kid, too. How, you may ask? Well, a few people paid for it with their lives. One is completely paralyzed. The store he stole from had their bottom line affected. Tax payers paid for the cops to arrest him and the legal procedure to convict him and the monitoring that will ensure that he actually stays in counseling. Then there are the policy holders on the insurance which will be affected by the payouts that the company will have to make when the claims start rolling in. Yeah, but keep on living the fantasy that rich people’s crimes don’t matter because they can afford to pay their way out of it.

    • scars

      Bad reporting. Another article mentions that the baby often stays with the father, so clearly there is a father who is involved in this child’s life.

  • M.L. Adams

    “… The two-month old infant who went missing with her teen mother Christmas Eve was returned home Christmas Day, according to Richmond Police…”

    It would really be interesting to know HOW the baby was returned!

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