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Two robberies in Henrico County

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - Police are on the scene of two robberies tonight near the Henrico/Richmond line.

First, officers were called to a Walgreens on the 5800 block of West Broad Street shortly before 8:15.

Lt. Doug Perry with Henrico Police said a man robbed the store and ran away.

Then, police were called to another robbery just after 9 behind a Martin's on the 5700 block of Brook Road.

According to police, a man was walking home when he was robbed by three men at gunpoint.


  • Manalishi

    Democrat obama supporters. Henrico needs to have the police patrolling their city/county line. They just approved the monumental tax increase, now friggin earn it!

  • graig

    would someone please shoot one of these thugs already.if your white and walking around here unarmed you will be robbed soon,ok.thank you section 8


    graig how do we know they weren’t white republicans? that martins location is near lakeside. plenty of armed good ole boys over there!

    • Manalishi

      We don”t know for certain REAL AMERICAN, but if we could play these odds in vegas, we would be trillionaires by now. Its a mathematical/statistical thing that is not not taught in the indoctrinational school system or you would have left it alone. Maybe the “amed good ole boys” should take over the richmond/henrico border?

      Republicans tend to be at work when robberies take place. and you know it.

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