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VIDEO: VSU students create video in response to ‘negative’ media coverage

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ETTRICK, Va. (WTVR) – A group of Virginia State University students produced a video in response to “the negative image that has unjustly been labeled upon them by the media.” The students said they created the video following reports of crimes occurring on or near the historically black university’s campus.


  • Yholanda NO Race Poindexter

    It is one of the safest colleges in Virginia..the most violent are those in the northern area, why would the media report their lowest crime ratings , why do these students feel like their school is under attack?? even richmond colleges are better than many of those northern Virginia schools. I’m So proud to see these professional sweethearts stand up for their school. The most intelligent little Babies in Virginia… Big HUUggg!! Great Job..continue to keep your perfect record, and don’t let your enemy’s sway you in the least of your focus, you Rocket Scientists!!!

  • M.L. Adams

    I’ve seen nothing in the media except the reporting of the facts, and the facts are the facts! Have these college kids never heard the phrase “don’t kill the messenger?”

  • BeenJonesed

    Not listening to the Rap Gibe, Jibe, and Jive.
    Oxymoronically, Media gave stage to The Production..
    If you don’t like the earned rep; change it, but doubt this will do it..

  • Bryken

    Beautiful yet sad…My son and sister are both students at Virginia State University and I agree completely with these young men and women. it’ My son and sister as well as their friends are excellent students who have good grades, gainful employment and have never been in any kind of trouble at school, but unfortunately this is not what you hear about in the media. The city of Petersburg treat these young men and women as criminals immediately and see them as a source of revenue for their city instead of students trying to get an education. My son has personally been stopped and ticketed by the police at least half a dozen times in the last year for what normally would not result in a ticket and on at least two of those occasions the police could not even explain why they stopped him. I thought the job of a police officer was to protect not to target innocent children who are often working part time jobs and carrying a full class load, to boost their cities revenue. It’s unfortunate that the actions of a few effect the mass.

  • Brandi

    Thank you for displaying the best side of VSU, expression through your words!!! VSU is the greatest place on earth!!!!

  • Christina

    The point trying to be made here is that Richmond news stations such as WTVR and WRIC are ONLY at VSU when something bad happens. Whenever something outstanding happens, like the announcement of the College of Business being the number 1 business program among all HBCUS of America, no one is ever there. Facts are not facts when they are biased opinions. If you don’t expect better from VSU…then WATCH US DO BETTER. We will prove every single person who wrote a negative comment on this video wrong. We’re not shooting the messenger, we are asking for news stations to stop painting biased pictures of our university. There is nothing ironic about this video, but what is ironic is that the people who commented negatively about the students, IRONICALLY will never obtain any type of degree. Ironically, those same people who look down us, will eventually be looking UP at us. What goes around comes around, so keep being rude, racist and hateful.

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