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‘Leading’ candidate ends Richmond Superintendent bid

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Dr. Anthony Jackson, Superintendent of Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools in North Carolina, has withdrawn his name for consideration as Superintendent of Richmond Schools, a source told CBS 6 anchor Lorenzo Hall.

That same source told Hall that Jackson was the leading candidate for the job.

Earlier this week Jackson and two other superintendent candidates met with parents at a community forum.

The current two finalists are Dr. Dana Bedden, former Superintendent of Irving ISD in Texas, and Dr. Calvin Watts, Assistant Superintendent in the Division of School Improvement and Operations with Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia.

The School Board expects to have the next Superintendent chosen by Monday.


  • M.L. Adams

    Can you blame him? Who in their right minds would want to take on this mess? Would be interesting to know: Was it the meeting with the parents, the meeting with the principals and teachers, or both?

  • Robert

    Richmond you are lucky. If he was the best of the applicants you better start over. We are sad in NC. We thought he would be gone. Check his record. He doesn’t stay anywhere more than three years. He talks a good game but his actions speak louder than his words. Your gain. Our loss

  • BeenJonesed

    Again, another job pulled by the Richmond School Board.
    How much in Taxes for this consultant, vetting, background checks, etc?
    Board’s hidden process for their Selected Top 3; judgment call.
    Would be funny if not so pathetic.
    The “I’ve been Jonesed Administration” of set ups for friends, family, close associates, the Rich, the Donors, the financiers, the developers…they get the pay offs; we get the bills.

  • NRMS Teacher

    It’s a sad evening in Nash County. We were hoping to be rid of him, but I’m glad the teachers and students of Richmond don’t have to suffer. Here’s hoping Durham schools will take him off our hands.

  • Eric

    He tried to leave because the money is gone and no network for the students and staff. How many people left the co in the last 3 months?

  • Nrms teacher

    This is the worst christmas present ever. We at nrms were so pulling for this in so many ways. Please tell me Durham wants him! We are tired of working like slaves to build his resume!

  • Another NRMS Teacher

    Speak for yourself. Dr. Jackson has been an excellent superintendent. Who are you to think that you have the right to speak for us. I for one am a teacher in NRMS who appreciates him and what he has and is doing in our school district. Please SPEAK FOR YOURSELF. Good luck Dr. J. We are glad you will remain with us.

  • Teacher Nrms

    This is such sad news for Nash county. I just read the telegram. I really thought we were going to get things back on track here again. Oh well, here we go again building up his resume more:(. Bad christmas gift

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