Report: Possible charges against McDonnell delayed after appeal to prosecutors

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR)—The Justice Department chose to delay possible felony charges against Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife after the governor’s attorneys made an appeal in Washington, according to an exclusive report published Wednesday night by the Washington Post which cites"people familiar with the case."

The governor has been at the center of a state and federal investigation into whether or not Jonnie Williams Jr. or Star Scientific benefited in any way from Governor Bob McDonnell as a result of the gifts, loans, and stock owned by the family.

Williams is the owner of a dietary supplement company that McDonnell and his wife have promoted in recent years.

The political scandal has unfolded over the past year and extended to the First Lady Maureen McDonnell, and even Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. The probe uncovered evidence that Williams has given the governor and his family more than $150,000 in gifts and loans over an 18-month period.

Such gifts included Rolex watches, family vacations, loans for his real estate business, and even a $15,000 dollar check to his daughter for her wedding.

Attorneys for the state’s first couple met with Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole on Dec. 12, according to the Washington Post article, and argued that the governor had done “nothing improper.”

To enable a smooth transition of power as Terry McAuliffe steps in to the Governor’s role, attorneys asked that if prosecutors were to file charges, that they be made after Jan. 11, according to the Washington Post.

In July Gov. McDonnell announced he was paying back more than $120,000 in loans.

McDonnell said he had repaid Williams $52,278 for a loan made to his wife Maureen McDonnell in 2011, as well as a $71,837 for two loans made to a McDonnell family business.

Funds for repayment came from McDonnell himself, his family, and his family’s business.

In Sept. Virginia Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli said he sent an $18,000 check to a Richmond-based charity to “resolve any questions surrounding the matter concerning Star Scientific.”

Read the entire, exclusive article on the Washington Post, who report that a final decision on pressing charges is not expected before Jan. 2.

CBS 6 has reached out to McDonnell's private attorneys,  and communications director. We have not heard back at time of publishing and will post an update when we do.


  • Clay Morrow

    I can’t wait to see them both do the “walk of shame” out of the fed courthouse with their jackets pulled over their heads to hide their faces….unfortunately I think the taxpayers are going to be on the hook paying for their dirt bag defense lawyers. Another great chapter in the history book of “White Trash America”.

  • James Regal

    Hey now this is a Big joke!!!!!!!!!!!! Have the Feds Ever waited to press charges????????? I have heard that Macullife, Obama. Eric Holder have been caught on tape recorded phone call’s saying if there isnt enought evidence on McDonnell them make it up!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to see what happens with all of this!!!

  • Constitutional Reset

    Charges under what portion of the US Code?
    Where do they have jurisdiction to charge? Regarding giftgate I found none.
    If the US Attorney in Virginia conceits to authority to indict under federal law for law that does not exist then that US Attorney has perpetrated Va18.2-111 “Embezzlement” of the law by an officer entrusted to administer that law rightly, and without additions, deletions or distortions. Given that the US attorney was in tVirginia and under the rule of Va Law that US attorney would also have perpetrated by the Va18.2-111 felony a Va18.2-481(5) “Treason” of “Resistitng the execution of the laws under the color of the laws authority” .

    The matter seems plain or at least plainly discoverable. Indictment of the US attorney must procede else the Governor and the locality Commonwealth attorney become party to the US Attorney’s felony.

    Given the time series of poll results this felony by Obama’s US attorney contributed to McAuliffe’ s campaign of election fraud by 18USC1343 felony. and this is one more substantial reason for the VA General Assembly to grant the VA24.2-804 ‘contest’ of the November election and order a do-over election with candidates untainted by 18USC1343 felony.

  • Bill

    Can you imagine if McDonnell were a Democrat? Every Republican in the General Assembly, Fox News and the tea people would beat this drum every day, all day. McDonnell has gotten of pretty easy all things considered.

  • airjackie

    McDonnell took office as a leading Republican but got ahead of himself as talk of him being the 2012 candidate. He made it all the way until his actions caught up with him. He should have just told the truth but lied. He now has taxpayers paying an over the top legal fees on a case that has already proved him guilty. He said he got no gifts and then admitted it and said he would return them. Then asked about money he said he got none. But Mr. Williams of Star showed proof and the McDonnell said oh yes I will return the money. He claim he knew nothing but documents prove he did. Now after all this time his attorneys are blaming his wife’s chief of staff on everything. A waste of money because McDonnell is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The delay in the indictment was nice to allow the new Governor to take office and the holidays for the McDonnell so the State wont have more embarrassment. Interesting how AG Ken Cuccinelli did the same thing but slipped out of the investigation as Ken just got inside trading profit and accepted vacation lodging and that Turkey Dinner. Ken finally paid back the cost but kept the profit from the trade. I notice Ken now acts like he never knew McDonnell because of this case.

    • Constitutional Reset

      @airjackie, re: Obama’s federal prosecutors
      The question is not what issues McDonnell has to settle with God.
      The question is not what issues McDonnell has to settle with the People of Virginia that were born with God’s law commonly written in their hearts.
      The question is under what portion of Title 18 of the United States Code does NAY federal officer have a right to even question Gov. McDonnell regarding giftgate?
      NONE. as it stands.

      And if without a basis of law granted jurisdiction.what basis could Obama/McAuliffe’s agents have that was not defined as a felony under Title 18.2 of the Law of Virginia?
      NONE. as it stands.

      If NONE, then what effect appears evident
      by the preponderance of evidence
      that would serve to advance Obama/McAuliffe’s
      uncontested evidence of campaign election fraud via 18USC1343
      such that there would be one more on at least three other grounds that would be sufficient
      by the preponderance of evidence
      for the virginia General Assembly to award a Va24.2-804 ‘contest’ of the election so as to demand a do-over election
      with candidates not disqualified by 18USC1343 felonies;;
      seeing how those 18USC1343 felonies
      by action of Va1-248 entail Va18.2-111 and Va18.2-481(5) “Treason” against Virginia for “Resisting the execution of the laws under the color of its authority”?

      Gov. McDonnell has lawful authority to pardon McAuliffe and Northam, perhaps Herring on the virtue of their parole oath.

      Gov. McDonnell himself has grounds to ask Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling for pardon under Va1-200 regarding ‘giftgate’.

      This “GO & SIN NO MORE” upon each is a ‘Constitutional Reset’.
      This solution should be widely, economically and justly applied – at least to every person entrained in the criminal justice system who is not guilty of a crime of moral turpitude having a victim other than the guilty.

      I imagine that this broad application of ‘Constitutional Reset’ is entirely consistent with Gov. Bob McDonnell’s aspirations for the remainder of his term in office.

    • Manalishi

      I voted for him, but i’m not ashamed of “giftgate” as no virginia laws were broken. I am completely offended of his legacy transportation bill that financially betrays all virginians.

      But hey, at least he wasn’t an anti-constitutional communist like the incoming governor. The fun is just beginning.

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