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Carytown New Year’s Eve Ball Raise canceled

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR)—The Byrd Theatre Foundation announced Wednesday that the beloved, but informal, tradition of the Carytown Ball Raise has been canceled this year, and put out a call for help finding a new place to host the event.

“After consultation with the Carytown Merchants Association and several to the community partners, it is clear that many in the Carytown and surrounding communities share serious concerns about the Ball Raise, “Melissa Savenko, President of the Byrd Theatre Foundation said in a release posted on Facebook.

“We are respectful of and share some of those concerns. While it saddens us to eliminate any festive element during such a celebratory time of year, our highest priority is the safety of patrons of the Byrd Theater, Carytown, and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Local law enforcement has said that the event, which drew over 35,000 people last year, has outgrown Carytown, according to the press release. The Carytown Watermelon Festival, a daytime event, usually brings over 100,000 people.

A police presence is required to maintain the crowds. Problems from past years include vandalism, trespassing and littering.

“We are hopeful that we can work together with the CMA and the rest of the community to find an alternate event solution or location for the Ball Raise for New Year’s Eve 2014,” Savenko said.

With just under two weeks until we prepare to welcome in 2014, let the suggestions start.


  • David Fedup Citizen

    what are we, the citizens questioning… this should be a no brainer, the diamond is where it should be held and still be called the Carytown event that it is… NO concessions of any kind by the RMA or any other entity, a celebration of community for better things to come and memories of what was.. that’s it, NOT a money making event, a community building event.. there is plenty of surveillance so those of us in the community that want to litter, fine but we will be fined. those that want to act in a manner against the laws and regulations of the commonwealth and OUR great nation will be held accountable so maybe just maybe one day we can hold events when and where they should be and have no worries or concerns.. If WE the people don’t start banding together for the right and descent things in our own back yards than it will never work in the larger arena of state, country, world. than WE will be hostages of all those that WE let ruin our way of life.. Ourselves…

  • Clay Morrow

    They shouldn’t have to pay for security. The Redskins didn’t. I guess since the mayor isn’t getting box seats, they don’t get free security.

  • NB

    The Diamond or the Redskins training camp would seem obvious as good locations. Hey! How about the large vacant lot where Azalea Mall used to be? There would even be enough room to have the Food Trucks!

  • Jewel C

    im very upset they have cancelled the carytown ball drop!!!! I looked forward to it this year especially because I always work late on NYE and finally made plans to be there this year around my schedule. I hope they find a venue so my family and I can enjoy bringing in the NEW YEAR together and make it memorable. I was hoping the Redskins Training Camp could safice, The Diamond, The Old Azeala Location, The DogWood Dell, Anything!!! PLEASE!

  • Manalishi

    So, the RPD cannot handle a festival. Facts would indicate that stereotypical crime is above their pay grade as well. It’s not the officers, it’s the administration, advancement, and hiring practices.

    Now as for the citizens that do not want it,,,,who would expect better from an anti capitalist voting base?

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