Viewer reports UFO at Henrico landfill

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR)--According to the National UFO Reporting Center, this week two UFOs were spotted in the grand state of Old Virginny.

One was reported seen on Dec. 7 in Northern Virginia, and one on Dec. 10 in Yorktown.

CBS 6 cameras were rolling when something streaked through the sky on Dec. 9 near the East End Henrico landfill. Several viewers spotted light in the background and asked us to ”explain the UFO that streaked across the sky during your landfill piece on the 11:00 newscast tonight."

Does coal ash attract extraterrestrial lifeforms? Was it Rudolph’s nose shining through the night as Santa took the sleigh for a test ride? Was it a promotional for the Man of Steel DVD release?

If you clicked the video above, you can see that the streak is quite defined, and we also found it in another clip.

Streak of light at East End landfill in Henrico. Captured Dec. 9 by a civilian.

Streak of light at East End landfill in Henrico. Captured Dec. 9 by a civilian.

We checked to see if there were any meteor showers that night and the Geminid showers don’t start until today. The full shower lasts from Dec. 12-16.

We couldn’t get through to anyone at NORAD and everyone at the north pole was busy. Zach Snyder didn’t directly answer our Superman question but we all know Wonder Woman is the vogue focus this week. Human Resources at the Richmond Times-Dispatch could not confirm if they recently hired a Clark Kent.

So we finally contacted the head of photography at CBS 6, Tim Hawkins. He was recording that night at dusk.

Turns out we can identify our flying object as a plane captured while using a show shutter speed.

See, the truth IS out there.

Original report:  County officials vote down East End landfill expansion plan



    Sorry , but were not falling for the ” it was a plane ” response… THAT DOES NOTTTT look like a FREAKIN PLANE. … Come ON PEOPLE get your head out of the sand and stop giving people FALSE Information to cover up THE REAL TRUTH

  • Kevin

    It may be UFOs but aliens will never be able to leave their transportation, the UFOs, due to the fact that their immune systems cab not handle our colds, germs, viruses and etc. I don’t think they will ever be able to–just spottings and that’s all.

    • Gail

      Since we have never been able to observe or study these Aliens we have no way of knowing whether or nor they can handle our viruses and germs.

  • Alain GilBride

    The ETs can do what they like, wherever, whenever to whom so ever they like. We humans are totally at their mercy. If they wanted to exterminate or enslave us the way we do to ourselves and the critters of the Earth, they could. Fortunately for us it hasn’t happened so perhaps they’re neutral, or hopefully benign.

    • Gail

      We have not been able to observe nor study these aliens therefore we cannot make the statement that we are at their mercy.

  • Jon Kelly

    The images show a series of time-lapse long-exposure photos probably recorded at twilight. The artifact is the motion trail of a conventional aircraft smeared across the camera’s sensor during the slow-shutter recording.

  • derek spring

    look at it this way what is life & death all about ,as we harvest things who harvests us ,when we see a lot of UFO sighting we have a lot of death on the planet,as i am into ESP visions for the last 33 years the system does not want you to know the truth,events with the police government etc before they happened perhaps i am a alien,as i did inform MI6 this week about something few days later it happened ,ask the police about madeleine mccann & the video i took in luz feb 2010 plus csr reg number ,there reply its not there job to check the car reg out

  • Rick Miller

    Hey Alix Bryan your silly attempt to try and use lame humor was neither funny nor effective. Why is that you skeptics try to belittle people who
    try to keep an open mind to what may or may not exist beyond beyond
    our own terrestrial populace? You do realize you are making fun of
    of people who you are supposed to be trying to attract to this website
    or to watch your news shows. Are you so stupid that you do not realize it is the viewers and readers that your advertisers are hoping to sell their products and services to. You know the money that comes in to pay your salary? You really should try to understand the relationships
    and workings of the people on THIS planet before you try to guess
    and ridicule the comings and goings of people that may exist somewhere else. Dummy!

  • Steve Mathieu

    if this was caused by a slow shutter speed it would be one long trail. this darts across the screen very fast and seems to keep the same size in length through out. This is very interesting.

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