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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - Neighbors living in a Chesterfield County neighborhood told CBS 6 they have concerns about a group care facility on their street.

The story was first reported by the Chesterfield Observer, but CBS 6 did some more digging. The facility is called Landmarks of Love, which is a service for adults who can't live on their own because of physical or mental limitations.

However, in July the Chesterfield Planning Department received an anonymous zoning complaint regarding the facility.

Darla Orr, with the planning department said after looking into the complaint they discovered it did not have the proper licensing.

"In order for them to be in that area they have to have a separate zoning approval," said Orr.

CBS 6's Chelsea Rarrick asked Orr how the facility was able to operate without the department being aware of the proper permit. Orr said the complaint officers enforce an ordinance on a complaint basis.

Orr said a residential group home is allowed to be in a neighborhood under the proper requirements. However, a group care facility like Landmarks of Love is not permitted in a residential district unless there is approval.

After the complaint, Orr said Landmarks of Love filed for a zoning application to get a conditional use for the group care facility. The application is currently pending with the planning commission.

CBS 6 contacted Barabara Jones who filed the application. She said she didn't know they were operating without the proper permit and would call us back.

In Jones' application it states that the program will have minimal impact on the surrounding neighbors.

When CBS 6 didn't hear back, we went to the home to talk to Jones. We were then later told by someone at the house to get off the property.

Neighbors said they believe that people unable to live independently should get the care they need, but said it should not be in a neighborhood like theirs.

Orr said the staff is not supportive of the application, and a commissioner does intend to defer the plan.

A public hearing is set for Tuesday of next week regarding the issue.


  • shawn

    these places are popping up everywhere.Grant for this and a grant for that then they destroy neighborhoods with crime and noise.We have 2 youth homes by us and let me tell you they will get more protection from the state and county then your family will from the tenants.The legislators have aloud this because better in your neighborhood then in their neighborhoods.Fight it all the way because their promise to be good neighbors are just a ploy to get in.

    • dizzy

      I would refuse to be a good neighbor to you until your aditude towards people with disabilites changes.same with minorites moving in,you think they are blind toward your hate?you get what you give.

  • M.L. Adams

    “…Neighbors said they believe that people unable to live independently should get the care…it should not be in a neighborhood like theirs…”

    And we need more prisons…and more mental health care facilities…but not in my backyard!!!

    I am so very tired of the people! Where, exactly, do the NIMBYs of the world think these facilities are going to be located? On the moon? At the North Pole? In the middle of the Atlantic?

  • Ellen Soehngen

    Well when you close down all the State facilities because Virginia is violating federal law, what do you expect? Where did you think the people would go except into neighborhoods? Exactly what harm to a neighborhood is an adult with CP going to cause anyway? Wheelchair marks on the road? They are people with the right to live just like anyone else. This is discrimination people and it is not pretty. No different than any other type of discrimination.

  • Jonesed

    Discrimination is now Government Correct-Mess with Profiling, and
    Protections for Correct Governance Favorites Only.
    Chesterfield isn’t responsible and accountable for it’s own rules,
    regulations, permits, licenses, and a coordinated enforcement of their
    their own requirements. How Easy & Convenient.

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