Redskins shutdown RG3 for remainder of NFL season

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WTVR) - The Washington Redskins have decided to shutdown quarterback Robert Griffin III, according to a report in the Washington Post.

“At this point, I have to leave it up to Coach which it always is,” Griffin told reporters Wednesday at Redskins Park.Griffin, who blew out his knee in the final game of the 2012-2013, was not a full participant when the Redskins opened training camp in Richmond in August.

Redskins fans and NFL observers note Griffin's game was not as explosive this season compared to last.


  • M.L. Adams

    It’s a shame they didn’t have enough sense to shut him down when he first injured his knee instead of letting him continue to play! The injury almost assuredly would not have been as traumatic! The team doctor who OK’d his return to the field should have his license to practice medicine revoked.

  • Clay Morrow

    and I guarantee the new coach next year, will chose not to have that farce of a training camp in Richmond. That camp was a three ring circus. A serious coach has training camp close to home, or somewhere remote where the players stay in dorms, not the Omni hotel.

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