Man found shot on I-64

Judge orders silence in missing teen Alexis Murphy case

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LOVINGSTON, Va. ( - A judge Wednesday ordered parties involved in the Randy Taylor case to keep quiet.  Taylor is the Nelson County man charged with abducting Alexis Murphy, though Murphy has not yet been found.

Commonwealth's Attorney Anthony Martin asked the judge for a "gag order," citing extensive media coverage of the case and the increasing coverage of the case of a missing Lynchburg teenager.

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  • M.L. Adams

    Not surprising; Commonwealth’s Attorney Martin has some real problems here, trying to prosecute Taylor. First, of course, is the lack of a body. On rare occasions, murder charges have been successfully prosecuted, without a body, usually because blood, matched through DNA to the victim, has been found at a location only accessible to the defendant. If the volume of blood is large enough, death can be presumed. But successfully prosecuting someone for kidnapping, when no body has been found, is an almost impossible task, barring eye witnesses or video of the kidnapping! Add to that the fact that Jamisha Gilbert, another young, black woman disappeared, a mere thirty miles away, while Taylor was in custody, and a first-year law student should be able to get him off.

  • SL

    What I think is so funny about people like you is that you have no idea what evidence they have found during the investigation. I would like to say thumbs up to the Martin for using much wisdom in keeping the evidence contained. He knows what they have and if it’s leaked to the media Randy Taylor would be able to say he didn’t receive a fair trial. Please remember Randy Taylor admitted to talking to Alexis at the gas station and having her in his camper. Oh and let us not forget that her last cell phone ping was right in the area where he was living. If she had left his camper in a separate car from the other man the way Randy Taylor said she did, the first thing this 17 year old would have been doing is texting, tweeting, etc. Her last cell phone ping was in that area. And, they did find her cell phone during the course of the investigation but had to be sent it off for testing to confirm that it was truly hers. This tells me it was completely destroyed otherwise her family would have been able to id it. I have a strong feeling after the evidence is presented in a court of law, a first year law student would not able to get Randy Taylor off. This case and Jamisha Gilbert’s have nothing in common, they found Jamisha’s body. Both Alexis and Samatha Clarke have never been found and they both happen to have had contact with Randy Taylor prior to their disappearance. This is and has always been about justice for Alexis. If that means not letting the media know all the evidence then that’s what needs to be done. My prayers continue to go up for the Murphy family.

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