Why didn’t it snow in Richmond?

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - This morning, northern and northwestern Virginia received the highest snowfall accumulations up to 5 inches (mainly in the higher terrain). The rest of central Virginia received a soaking cold rain Tuesday morning. Richmond picked up about a quarter-inch of rainfall this morning.

Drier air is surging into Virginia mid-day, ending our precipitation from west to east quickly this afternoon. I only expect scattered light rain and snow flurries through 3 p.m.

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  • Allan from Ashland

    Why didn’t it snow in Richmond?? A better question might be, “Why are you such a lousy weather forecaster?” On Sunday you forecasted a high of 50. It never got past 33. TimesDis got it right. You failed. Again.

  • John

    Absolutely horrible meteorologist here. If I were only right 10% of the time at my job I would’ve been fired long ago.

  • BB

    Too many occasions of Crying Wolf falsely for a week.
    Forecasters have joined the ranks of lawyers, lawmakers and presidents.
    Don’t Trust them
    Seems the best predictor is to walk outside and see yourself.
    The no drama weather for your exact vicinity.

  • Mike Goldberg

    Hi all, just wanted to chime in here. Allan, I’m not sure where you saw a forecast high of 50° for Sunday. Our entire team was talking about highs in the 30s with mixed precipitation since the beginning of last week. As for today, the forecast certainly did not work out and we don’t deny that. We all thought there would be some snow in central VA, at the very least north and west of Richmond. That didn’t happen because the colder air is arriving too late. It’s a typical occurrence so early in the season and something we take into account. With such a complex situation, it’s not an easy call and there was indeed significant snow not far away. -Mike Goldberg

  • Eddie Browning

    @ Mike….Predicting weather in Richmond has never been easy.I know that from long ago.And it is not going to change.Because even the weather computers can not see the ace up the sleeve that mother nature holds.Sometimes it works.Sometimes it just don’t….Dont shoot the messenger unless you are prepared to do better……nuf said

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