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Goochland man dies after late night standoff

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GOOCHLAND COUNTY, Va.  (WTVR) - A Goochland man has died after he shot himself during a Monday night standoff.

Deputies arrived at 1651 Fayette Road in Manakin Sabot just after 9 p.m. Monday and found Michael S. Fuller, 42, threatening his estranged wife and three children ages 14, 13 and 11 with a handgun, according to deputies.

Mrs. Fuller escaped with one child, but two of the children remained in the home with Fuller. Deputies tried to reason with fuller but were unsuccessful. While they were talking to Fuller on the phone, his two other children escaped and a gun shot was heard.

Deputies closed in on the home and tried to further communicate with Fuller while he refused to answer his phone,  and turned off most of the lights in the three-story house.

Just after 11 p.m. deputies noticed flames coming from a downstairs room. That's when they kicked in the front door and removed a flaming couch from the home.

More attempts were made to contact Fuller, but deputies got no answer. A Goochland Sheriff's K9 went into the home and found Fuller with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

No one else was injured and the fire was extinguished by Goochland Fire and Rescue.


  • Judge less

    Instead of judgement let’s pray for him and his family. He was obviously in a lot of pain to go to such lengths. Rest in peace Michael.

  • So Sorry

    He was a good person, some people just can’t handle the weight they have on their shoulders. I don’t know what led to this but R.I.P Michael and I send all my best wishes to his children.

  • Sad

    I concur with above. I only knew him professionally, but he was a soft-spoken, kind, polite individual who cared about his children very much. There are always two sides to every story, and he was clearly a mentally-anguished individual.

    My prayers to his family, especially the children.

  • Joe je

    So sad…thank goodness that his family was physically unharmed although, emotionally they are probably traumatized. Prayers to them as they move forward.

  • Tim Kenny

    Please remove Marys comment. I’m the one that requested the removal of both inappropriate comments last night. It’s sad that you guys would post any of these comments, especially being subject to Regina and Michaels children reading them. I’m the children’s uncle and this is a terrible tragedy for the family. It’s not a place for the opinions of those that really are unaware of the situation!

  • MARY

    Tell the truth tim kenny. why would any of his children read them, unless you tell them. we are all his good friends and we really know the situation of what happen. we know he was going though hell living with her. You know what kind of woman she is, cheating on her husband already, 2 days later. how discussing. the man is not buried yet and she is with someone already.

  • Ashley

    Last I checked, this is a free country and we have freedom of speech. If you don’t want to hear people’s comments then keep your dirty laundry out of the news. Plain and simple.

  • Speak the Truth

    These comments only express the true feelings about a real life tragedy. A woman “wife” who destroyed a loving husband. She should be convicted of murder herself. She systematically tried to destroy his decorated career, relationship with his children and ultimately destroying his soul by being a repeating adulterer who only wanted money to buy drugs. as long as Michael Fuller’s bank account was available for her to get percocets and other prescription medication, she was happy. And when he confronted her with her additional relationships, she physically attacked him and then called for police. That’s how the domestic disputes got started and thrown out every time. Who would pay anything to a cheating spouse while still married. Not me and I wouldn’t expect anyone else to do the same. Regina Fuller was manipulative and jealous of the love that people had for Michael Fuller. RIP Mr. Fuller, you were a credit to your family and community. You were only human and could only bear so much.

  • heartbroken

    It is heartbreaking. The news outlets have picked up information from the courts and likely the wife’s side. Reading between the lines you see that the charges were tossed and that she was even made to leave the house once he returned. The drama of “no hotel” and no where to go was fabricated by her to churn up sympathy. Did he cut her off? Probably. Does it require a step by step photo doc of the “ordeal” with her children on Facebook….probably not. If you think that was bad, wait until this “victim” shows back up in town.

  • Umm...

    I didn’t know a lot of the above, but I have met Regina (a rude, over-emotional, demanding lady), and Michael (a quiet, kind, manipulative and needy, but smart guy).

    It is like Kris Kardashian-Jenner vs Bruce Jenner. One person showboating to the world and giving a POOR ME to anyone who will hear it, forever airing her dirty laundry, while the other is bullied into submission and gets the short end of the stick, and only complains publicly about the fact that he misses his kids.

    I think Michael was just bullied so much he gave up.

    And it’s funny, because I have heard about drug problems before, but it was actually on both of their ends…. so sad what drugs can do to a marriage. But I’m sure Regina sleeping around (which I had also heard) didn’t help.

    So there ya go…

  • Two sides

    What is truly sad is a great person is gone. But it is great to see so many people defending my cousin. I know first hand of the torture he was put through. As far as I’m concerned everyone should know the truth. The children’s minds were so poisoned by there mother and other so called family members^ maybe they should read these comments to find out what kind of person there father really was. Now she can really play the poor me game all she wants. Hope you and your boyfriend are happy……

  • truth comes out

    Mr. Fuller lived in a unhealthy and abusive marriage. He could not do anything right. He felt helpless she wanted him to be that way. She destroyed his belongings, criticized him and blamed him for everything. She brainwashed their kids to hate him, they were rude to him. She had numerous affairs and saw nothing wrong with that. She is always the victim. I feel sorry for those kids with her, they are so damaged in the head from her. She is going out with someone already. Friends are talking down here about her new affair already. Shame on you Regina. If you are her friend, Beware, if you are her enemy, run as fast as you can. She tells all her friends, Mr. Fuller was so bad as a father and did not provide her with anything. She is such a lier.

  • Bonnie Mattern

    Michael Fuller was my nephew. I have loved this young man for 42 years and have watched him grow and mature into the most respectful and successful young man. He was a remarkable father who put his children first. I hope the children will remember the love Michael had for them after they get over the shock of this terrible, terrible tragedy.We spent Thanksgiving together and it was his first holiday in 16 years without his wife and family. I knew from Michael’s demeanor at dinner that he was carrying a heavy load but had no idea he was feeling this much pain. He just couldn’t bear the loss of everything he so much loved- wife, three children, his home, security, etc.. Please don’t judge Michael for his actions. We’re not sure what he was thinking at those final moments but know that that was not the Michael that so many people loved and respected. Our hearts are broken!

  • Kim

    There is no excuse for threatening your own kids with a gun!!! Most abusers seem like “great people” to the outside world. Give me a bresk

  • a very sad story

    Did anyone see in the newpapers, Mr. Fuller had death threats on his life. That happen 5 days before he died. They think it is someone he knew very well. He showed all his friends and family the death threats. They are investigating the phone calls.

    Above comment about threatening his kids, Mr. Fuller would of never harmed his children. He loved those kids. If you read the comment above (speak the truth) that is exactly what was going on in that house. Poor Regina crying the blues to everyone now, she thrives on attention. She was a cheating spouse and destroyed his relationship with his children, friends and family.

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