Exterminator arrested for stealing package off doorstep

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YORK COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – Investigators arrested a Hampton man accused of stealing a package off of someone’s doorstep moments after it was dropped off by FedEx.

“The suspect, who is an employee of a Pest Control Company, was apparently walking from residence to residence. He picked up the package from a porch and kept walking,” York County Sheriff’s Lt. Dennis Ivey wrote in an email. “The witness went outside and continued to watch him as he got into his work truck and left the area.”

That neighbor called the Sheriff’s Office with the license plate number and vehicle description. Investigators found and arrested 44-year-old Lance Patrick Luckey, Jr. He is charged with Grand Larceny and Trespassing.

“The package he allegedly stole contained several books, valued at over $700. The package has not been recovered,” Ivey said. “We do not think that this is the same suspect, who has been stealing mail from mail boxes.”

This crime was reported Monday morning about 11:41 a.m. along the 400 block of Arabian Circle.


  • Yawanna be

    I caught my neighbor that saves dogs returning my package that was delivered a week ago by Fed Ex but I didn’t have proof on camera so I left it alone. Thieves have no certain appearance. They come in all shapes, sizes , occupations and colors.

  • athynz

    So you have a neighbor who allegedly saw a pest control guy steal a package off of someone’s porch and yet when arrested the package was NOT found in the guy’s truck? Is that the gist of the article here?

    How about some MORE information. Such as were there more witnesses that saw this man pick up the package? Is there video proof of this man picking up the package? Was his work truck searched? Why was he arrested on the basis of one person’s word?

    I’m not saying he didn’t take it but there are too many unanswered questions here so I’m wondering why the rush to judge this man a thief.

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