Former Henrico County school principals arrested on drug charges

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HOUSTON, Texas (WTVR)—Two former Henrico County school principals have been arrested and face separate drug charges for marijuana and cocaine, and are no longer employed in Houston.

Ronald Rodriguez, formerly the principal at Henrico High School, took over as principal at Wheatley High School, in Houston, Texas, at the beginning of the academic year. His fiancée, Dana Bost, was most recently the principal of Highland Springs High School. Before that she served as the principal at Fairfield Middle School.

Houston school officials would not discuss the specifics of their departures, but both are no longer employed with the Houston school district, reported KHOU.

Records show that Rodriguez was arrested on October 18 and charged with two counts of possession of marijuana in Prichard, Alabama, which is in Mobile County. According to Houston affiliates KHOU, Bost, his fianceé, was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance; cocaine.

Both Rodriguez and Bost were hired at the same time in Houston. Bost served as the chief high school officer, according to KHOU.

Bost,who had a Ph.D, taught all levels of high school English. In addition to a 18-year career in primary and secondary education, Bost also served as an adjunct professor at VCU, Virginia Union, Virginia State, Regent University, and Mary Baldwin

The Houston school district released a statement concerning Bost.

"Dana Bost is no longer with the district. As standard practice with personnel issues, the district is unable to discuss the specifics of her departure. A national search for a new Chief High School Officer is underway. In the interim, Chief Middle Schools Officer Michael Cardona will assume responsibility for this role, overseeing both middle and high schools until a permanent replacement is hired."


  • Clay Morrow

    Ha ha! Of course they were principals in Eastern Henrico…the only surprising thing is they weren’t employed by Richmond City. Just goes to show that education is a field for dummies who can’t make it in a real major.

    • April

      Not necessarily, it’s just that some of the people that should be setting a good example don’t. I went to that school and had him as my principal and did not expect this, and this behavior is inexcusable. Please don’t let problematic people in the system make you say something like that about education majors either. I could have been a bio major, I’m cut out for it, I was inspired to teach though by the children I work with and by some of the good teachers out there. There are also many people I have met in this field that are smart, hard working, and could go for a higher-earning job, but don’t because they felt called to teach.

    • Zoe

      Umm…you do realize that you’re being stereotypical and saying that people from Eastern Henrico are low-class. My older sister went to the school he used to be principal at and he was pretty good. And to say that the field of education is a field for dummies is absolute nonsense. These people work hard yet they are still underpaid and they are teaching the kids who are the future of America so they kind of are important.

    • M.S.

      What the heck does that mean, “Of course they were principals in Eastern Henrico!?” I went to Henrico and he was a perfectly good principal at a perfectly fine school that I loved.

    • Eric Futterman

      That’s a ridiculous statement. My wife is a teacher. She’s got two degrees and highly intelligent and teaches because she want to help young people advance in their lives.

      Teachers teach because they believe in their mission. They are not greedy and they work 11 months in a 9 month period.

      They are the most undervalued professionals in the world. And part of that is because of idiotic stereotypes the like statement you just made.

    • scars

      You get what you pay for. If you aren’t willing to pay teachers well and you don’t value what they do, don’t be surprised if many who would be great teachers decide to pursue other careers. Those good teachers who are idealistic enough to take the low pay because they believe in the importance of education have to suffer not only the lower pay but the scorn and disdain of people like you. I taught for 2 years and to be a good teacher is an extremely demanding job. I left to become a computer programmer and made 3 times what I did teaching (even without a programming degree) and it was a much easier job. Many in my family couldn’t believe I “wasted” my college degree on a teaching job. However, even if I had been able to make more money teaching, I probably wouldn’t have stayed with it because the real problem in education is the lack of parental support for students. Every student I had in my class who failed had parents who couldn’t be reached when you tried to talk to them about their child’s grades or poor behavior in the classroom. The students in my class who excelled had parents who never missed a parent/teacher conference. If we want to fix what is wrong in education, we should start by fixing what is wrong at home.

    • unknown

      Just because this happened doesnt mean the schools are a bad place, i hear all the time western schools have crack, guns, pedifiles or something on campus but do we pass a judgement? No! Thats very ingnorant and very disrespectful to the students that go to the schools.

    • Morning Dew

      You couldn’t pay me enough to be a techer. They have a huge responsibility to educate our children, they devote endless hours to lesson plans, and they deal with disruptive behaviors from kids who are disrespectful. Teachers deserve medals in my humble opinion.

    • Dvitri JAckson

      First off how dare you going off on henrico like that first off i go to varina highschool and its great yeah it had troubles in the past but so what that doesnt mean we are low class every school had some down times so dont go dising henrico public schools basterd you probroly didnt even past middle school gone head.

    • Malcolm

      Clay, the only dummy i see right now is YOU! Dont you dare judge these people. i know them both & dr. bost was the BEST principal in the state. if you are going to judge these people, you make sure you measure it all. Make sure you measure the hills & vallies & challenges that shes faced. When you measure her, measure her right.

  • BB

    Is this AA AA setting such high standards and examples “for the children” through the money dump educational systems?

  • webster

    dang she was the princpal of my schools, arthur ash, AND FAIRFIELD she was a good princpal, i new she shouldnt had moved!!!!

  • keyaira joseph

    smh Mr.Rodriguez is a good person & he was a awesome principal i really dont care about what people have to say..i still miss you mr.rodriguez i really do people make mistakes

  • MattyK (@OhMatt1)

    So, why is simple possession of Marijuana so bad? It hurts no one. The most brilliant writers, thinkers, leaders, musicions, everyone who has basically ever done anything all smoked marijuana. The drug war and those that support it are idiots.

  • Kenni

    While we are shocked and dismayed by the fact that these two educators have been arrested for drug charges we need to stop and not dump on the schools. We never know what burden another is carrying or what form of solace they seek. Many people who society feels should not have substance abuse problems have them! We have elected two recent presidents who have admitted to the use of narcotics and alcohol. Eastern Henrico is a wonderful place. Two of my children attended Henrico HS. Although we put teacher,principals, professors, pastors, senators, congressmen, and presidents (to name a few) on pedestals we need to remember they are humans with human frailties and failings!

  • E. Goodson

    I am really split after reading this article, disappointed but also glad……disappointed because Mr. Rodriguez did an outstanding job at Henrico and many folks were sorry to see him leave……glad because little miss Dr. Dana (Moore) Bost got exactly what she deserved. She was a mean-spirited sneaky person when she was a Arthur Ashe. Looks like her PHD means Pretty Hard Downfall….lol. Maybe somebody will show her a little more compassion than she displayed toward us when she was at Ashe.

  • SC85

    I can say that I was a student at highland springs high school and Dana Bost was my 11th grade honors English teacher 2001-2002. She was a wonderful teacher. Some people make mistakes, some later than others.

  • Mack

    Honestly, all you guys and gals are judgmental hypocritical heathens who valued education on how much money you make but not the knowledge you acquired.. In many countries education is valued as a source of greatness. Focus on people accomplishments through education. Because I’ve seen retards in the 90210 zip codes.

  • MJ

    How is that we can judge a teacher who is human and make mistakes but our entertainers get pass after pass after pass. For you who judge these people remember you are not perfect either.

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