Video shows police chase end in parking lot

Father: Brothers hit by car outside school ‘stable’ at hospital

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - The driver of the car that hit two elementary school students Friday morning was charged with driving a vehicle with faulty brakes, according to Richmond Police.

The children, ages 10 and 7, suffered minor injuries when the car hit them along the 4300 block of Dorsett Rd., outside Broad Rock Elementary School, in Richmond about 8:47 a.m.

The children's father said both kids were in stable condition at Chippenham Hospital.

There are no crossing guards outside Broad Rock Elementary because every student at the school is assigned a bus, according to Richmond Schools spokeswoman Felicia Cosby. Some parents choose to have their children walk to school, Interim Richmond School Superintendent Dr. Jon Lewis Lewis wrote in an email to school board members.

Parents are advised to walk with them, he said.

Neighbors say it was just a matter of time before somebody got hit there, because drivers race down Dorsett Avenue. There are no speed bumps near the school.

CBS 6 News spoke with Council woman Reva Trammel, who said there is a reason why there are no speed bumps.


  • Paula Kennedy

    These children should have been on a bus or in a car. In this day and time there is no way my child would walk to school. Glad they are well and sending prayers to all involved!

    • notaobamafan

      And if the car or bus got hit with this vehicle with faulty brakes you would be saying, “these student’s should have been walking”.

  • Chris

    Seriously! Who blames the pedestrian for getting hit by the car with no breaks? And who faults the parents/kids for getting exercise? Should have packed ’em up in a car so you could swing by a drive-thru for breakfast!! Unbelievable.

  • Anne Danforth

    Are you kidding me!!!! All children should be able to safely walk to their schools.. Drivers should not be flying through residential neighborhoods disregarding stop signs and crosswalks. My six-year-old daughter and I were almost hit a few weeks ago. We were in the crosswalk in front of an RPS elementary school at 3:30 in the afternoon. I had to yank my daughter out of the way a vehicle when it sped through the crosswalk. The driver did not even stop… Just turned and looked at us and then kept on going. If the city cannot install speed bumps, they should at least provide school zone signs with flashing lights or better yet crossing guards. And why when the level of childhood obesity in our country is at its worst is this not the day and age that our kids should be walking to school????

  • Anna

    They should ride the bus to be safer? Really? No seat belts in buses and drivers are distracted at best. EVERY school should have a crossing guard to remind and yes, even FORCE the adult drivers to pay attention and be aware of kids going to school. People in this city can be so ridiculous.

  • BB

    Drivers race down Dorsett Avenue near a school? Isn’t that breaking the laws? Maybe traffic enforcement of the Laws would help the

    • DD

      You’re right BB. People like to race and lay rubber up and down Dorset and Ferguson, but they’re very hard to catch. I’ve seen the police ticket some on occasion, but it has not made a difference in their behavior. Another kicker is these streets do NOT have signage for a reduced speed limit in a school zone. If there were, perhaps more ticketing options and higher fees would have an impact. I am going to bring this up with the city’s chief engineer, now that I know who to call.
      Last but not least, at around 2:30 every afternoon the streets are flooded with kids of all ages walking home from school, and almost none of them are using the new sidewalks! I don’t know if it is an invicible teenage rebellion thing or what, but they have caused even responsible drivers to veer out of their lane and have near-misses with other cars. Yes it was a tragedy, and I am glad the boys will be okay, but I hope this accident will be a wake up call for parents to tell their kids to stay out of the street.

  • M.L. Adams

    “…CBS 6 News spoke with Council woman Reva Trammel, who said there is a reason why there are no speed bumps…”

    Would have been really nice if we’d been told the ‘why!’

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