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Mob attack victim’s family upset over dropped charges

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COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (WTVR) - The family of a man beaten outside his Colonial Heights apartment in February said they are frustrated that charges keep being dropped against the people accused of killing him.

After the death of Rusty Mack four people were arrested for his murder.

On Monday charges against his estranged wife Ashley Mack will be set aside. Additionally, Jonathan Guy, Mack’s cousin who was dating Ashley at the time, was acquitted last month of second-degree murder.

Mack's parents said some fault still lies with the accused.

“We were upset with the jury came back. Like I’ve been saying from the very beginning, there’s no common sense,” Mike Mack told CBS 6 News. “You figure the jury, they were all that age at one time. You don’t bring your new lover to your husband’s house -- and expect everything to go smooth."

The trial for the fourth person accused in the case, 18-year-old Blair Dacey, is scheduled for February.




  • Glen Allen

    I guess the Court thinks he beat himself to death. Sorry, I know this is not a laughing matter, someone was murdered, and no one is being held accountable for the murder. I think an investigation into the prosecution is in order here. It has always seemed to me that guilt was not the issue, it was just a matter of figuring out how many years in jail each of these suspects should get.

    • Judy Smith

      I really hope this family get some kind of justice from somewhere, I am sick that the system here has failed them so badly. I also hope that Karma is the biggest B@#$% to all those involved that got off scott free. I agree with Glen Allen above, the prosecution in this case needs to be investigated.

  • Norma Lawson Earls

    There is a petition for the recall of the CA in this case, William “Bill” Bray. If you are a Colonial Hts registered voter, please visit RIP Rusty Mack on Facebook for the details. Mr. Bray ran unopposed and was just re-elected. He removed the original prosecutor from the case, replaced her with himself and just yesterday, fired her. According to the family, 450-500 signatures are needed.
    Jonathan Guy, despite his acquittal, can still be charged and convicted for lesser crimes. The charges against Ashley Mack and Frank Blaha were nolle prosequi, which simply means “set aside”. They can also be charged and convicted. Surely a conviction can be secured, even by Mr. Bray, for the 4th defendant, M. Blair Dacey, who according to all the police reports, court records, eyewitness accounts, the other 3 defendants and Dacey, herself, delivered the kick that exploded Rusty Mack’s brain.

  • sorry for all involved

    Has anyone ever considered that the police and the ca lied to everyone in colonial heights to begin with about the case to try to make a name for themselves. And now that it is going through the system and the truth is coming out that the accused are getting off the charges against them.must mean that what everyone was told about the case was one big lie. I was always told that the truth shall set you free. Truth hurts sometimes.it must not have happened the way everyone was told or led to believe. I am not justifying anyone’s actions for the accused or the victims. As 2 wrongs don’t make 1 right. But from what I’ve heard out of this Case via Facebook, and the news media its all lies as nobody wants to face the truth.its a tragic thing just being made worse because of all the lies that were told to begin with from the ca.He needs to publicly apologize to the victim’s family,the accused family,and the people of colonial heights for just trying to make a name for himself. It’s sad all the way around,

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