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Jamisha Gilbert search crews find body, await positive ID

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WTVR) -- Search crews looking for missing teenager Jamisha Gilbert discovered the body of a black female, police announced Wednesday. Police have not yet positively identified the body discovered about 10:30 a.m. in the woods near Route 460 and Concord Turnpike in Lynchburg.

"The area is being treated as a crime scene and is being thoroughly processed by Lynchburg Police Department and Virginia State Police crime scene technicians," Lynchburg Police Lt. Dave Gearhart said. "The body of the deceased female will be sent to the Roanoke Medical Examiner's Office for positive identification."

Gearhart said search crews would remain in the area and continue investigating the crime scene.

Jamisha Gilbert, 18, was last seen Friday.

Gilbert's car was located along Concord Turnpike in Lynchburg last week. Police said it looked like the Honda Accord had been involved in a crash, but it was unclear whether Gilbert in the vehicle at the time.

Police called Gilbert's disappearance suspicious, and said they had not uncovered any links between Gilbert and Alexis Murphy. Murphy, who lived about 30 miles away, disappeared over the summer.

Lynchburg Police asked anyone with information to call 434-455-4090.


  • M.L. Adams

    “…Police…said they had not uncovered any links between Gilbert and Alexis Murphy…”

    Let’s see; two young girls missing…their cars found abandoned…what possible connection could there be?

    Of course, authorities are loathe to admit any connection because Randy Taylor has been indicted for Murphy’s disappearance and has been in custody since August!

  • L Mays

    I don’t think Randy Taylor had anything to do with Alexis Murphy’s disappearance. He may have been one of the last persons to see her, but I think the other man they had questioned in regards to it had something to do with it. Then a few months later it’s happening again

  • Debra

    does anyone find it coincidental that she is found in Farmville on the same day that the Longwood death happened? Was Miss Gilbert somehow connected to that gentleman? Seems like a lot of crazy stuff in one small town in one day not too be somehow related.

  • Shay

    This does not mean that Randy Taylor is innocent…do I need to remind you that he was the last one to see TWO missing girls. Now that is a coincidence!

  • Suzie

    Remember there are two more unsolved murders in that area. One is Alicia Reynolds from March 1996 and Morgan Harrington from Oct 2009. Is it possible they are all related?

  • Belsma

    I don’t think they are all related, but at least we know Taylor did not have anything to do with this latest one. Samantha and Alexis perhaps, but there are plenty of crazy folks out there. If someone was involved in the death of the person they found they are sloppy. Not like the others. Just don’t know. All I know is that it’s so sad these young girls end up missing seemingly forever or murdered.

  • LadyP

    I believe that there is a connection between the two cases. Is it possible that Randy Taylor has an accomplice? It is not a coincidence that he was last seen with Samantha Clarke and Alexis Murphy. Plus they are all around the same age.

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