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Carytown frozen yogurt war update

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The Yapple location at 3131-3 W. Cary St. (Photo by Michael Thompson)

RICHMOND, Va. (RichmondBizSense) – A Carytown frozen yogurt shop was locked out of its space Wednesday, but it might not be dark for long.

A sign posted on the door of the Yapple Yogurt at 3131-3 W. Cary St. said that the landlord had taken back possession of the property. The tenant, Yapple Yogurt of Carytown LLC, is in default of its lease, the sign said.

It directed further questions to local real estate firm Spotts & Carneal. Austin Joy of Spotts & Carneal would not comment on what he described as “a fluid situation” related to the Yapple space.

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