Kmart Christmas commercial causes controversy

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(WJW) — Love it or hate it, you can’t deny a new Kmart commercial definitely gets your attention.

The commercial starts with a shot of six men standing behind a curtain while ringing bells. It’s what happens after the curtain is pulled back that people are talking about.

The men, wearing tuxedo tops with boxer bottoms, squat down and begin shaking their booties to the song “Jingle Bells.”

People flooded the Kmart Facebook page with compliments and complaints about the ad.

“I think the boxer commercial is AWESOME! Well done for thinking out of the box(ers)!” wrote one person.

Another disagreed. “I think Kmart needs to rethink this ad. For those of us who view Christmas as a Holy Day, this ad reduces the season to cheapness. I will avoid Kmart shopping this season.”

Watch the video above and then head to the  CBS 6 Facebook page to let us know what you think. Is the commercial funny or offensive?


  • princess

    If a man shake his booty, no problem
    If a woman twerk , yes prolem.

    when people think like this… number one problem.

  • Sara

    I feel they should keep it. People who do not like it then do not pay attention to it. Also the people that are ofended by it grow up, also if you are ofended by it then you should be ofended by the Victoria Secret commericals too!

  • Amelia

    Okay, no, it’s adorable. I’ve become sort of desensitized to seeing women exploited far worse than this, and so have a lot of other people. If it had been women doing the same thing in the commercial, no one would even comment. Because it’s men and society isn’t quite as desensitized, it caught people’s attention and offended those that get butthurt over really stupid things. They need to keep it. People that don’t want to shop at Kmart because of AN ADVERTISEMENT don’t have to.

  • sandi

    Love it!!! Let the men do the booty shaking for a while. It’s a great advertisement. As for the comment stating they will not be a Kmart shopper this year”, by saying you’re not shopping Kmart this year implicates you as a shopper during this season, therefore you are a hypocrite. Get over yourself. Enjoy the view! Merry Christmas!!

    • Clive

      what’s hypocritical about saying she won’t be shopping at Kmart? Doesn’t mean she cant shop elsewhere. If she goes ahead and still shops Kmart THEN it would be hypocritical.

  • Tara Howerton

    I thought it was cute and funny. it definitely catch is your attention n_f_l hopefully of a commercial ….. any buy a complaint about the commercial must have not seen all day haynes victoria secret commercials if not definitely missus other then this one is funny not just sexy !!!

  • Clive

    If this was an SNL skit or Blue Comedy scene or something like that, it would be taken in the right context. This however is a commercial which young and old alike will be viewing and will get the wrong idea about Christmas if nothing else but I think it really is cheap and tawdy for what I thought was a respectable chain to be acting in such a degrading way. And by the way I am not saying it because I’m a guy seeing guys lowering their standards. I don’t appreciate seeing girls being portrayed in such a way either.

  • Patt

    Personally I love what every normal woman loves and thst is to see her msn heavenly endowed in that special place and know how to work it. But on a different note. I think the matter is of a private nature. It is too adult and i dont want to see my grand son gyrating his little self trying to copy cat an adult. That is how se,ual abuse gets started. There now i said it!

  • Yawanna be

    I as an adult love the commercial. They have mild porn condom commercial but know one protest that. on the other hand my boys were imitating the commercial and I was like ” What in da” and then I looked over and saw the commercial. I explained to them those moves were inappropriate and never to do at school cause they will get suspended. I had to explain not to imitate that commercial with the little boy wiggling and spanking his but as well

  • Cattails

    Its’ about time!! Love it! Made me smile and laugh! So tired of seeing half naked woman everytime you turn on the TV!

  • Paula Kennedy

    I about died laughing when I saw this. Like it or hate, it got people talking and more then likely, buying some boxers for the holidays!!

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