Multiple accidents clog Interstate 64 eastbound

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RICHMOND/HENRICO, Va. (WTVR)–There are three accidents currently clogging Interstate 64 eastbound, according to VDOT.

An accident on I-64E at mile marker 183.0, the exit is Broad Street at Glenside Road. Motorists can expect potential delays due to a multi-vehicle accident. The east center lane is closed.

A second accident on I-64 at mile marker 186.4, in the City of Richmond, where I-195 splits to Powhite Parkway.  Motorists can expect potential delays due to a vehicle accident. The east right shoulder is closed.

A third accident on I-64 East at mile marker 187, in the County of Henrico, where I-64 E and I-95S run together. Motorists can expect major delays due to a vehicle accident. Traffic backups are approximately two miles. The left lane of Exit 187 to I-95 south is closed.