VSU football player arrested for assaulting rival quarterback

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WTVR) —A title game has been cancelled and one arrest made after a Virginia State University football player allegedly attacked Rudy Johnson, starting quarterback of Winston-Salem State University, during a football banquet, according to affiliates WGHP and the Winston Salem Journal.

Lamont Britt via VSU Trojans

Lamont Britt via VSU Trojans

Lamont Darnell Britt, 22, a junior running back from Norfolk, Va., was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault inflicting serious injury, confirmed by Forsyth County Sheriff's Office.

He is being held in the Forsyth County Jail with secured bond set at $7,500 and a court date listed for Monday, Nov. 18.

Earlier reports had claimed as many as 5 Virginia State players assaulted Johnson. But VSU head coach Latrell Scott told CBS 6 Sports anchor Sean Robertson that Britt was the only player involved in the fight, and that other players were trying to break up the scuffle.

Britt is charged with hitting Johnson in the face and head. Johnson had a swollen eye and a laceration above the eye, according to affiliate WGHP.

The magistrate told the paper that no more arrests are expected Friday night.

The banquet, held Friday afternoon, was hosted on the WSSU campus ahead of the championship game between WSSU and VSU.

The fight started between the two players, according to Scott, in a bathroom.

“We don’t know a lot of what happened but we do know our starting quarterback, Rudy Johnson, was beaten up,” Chancellor Donald Reaves of WSSU, said to the paper, “and he didn’t beat himself up.”

Rudy Johnson, number 7, of WSSU. PHOTO: CBS 6

Rudy Johnson, number 7, of WSSU. PHOTO: CBS 6

Before the game was cancelled it was announced by multiple sources that Johnson, a 9-0 starter for the year, would likely not play in Saturday’s game that was scheduled for 1 p.m. at WSSU.

Pat Norris, the chief of police at WSSU, told the paper that Johnson was treated and released from a local hospital.

"VSU officials are fully cooperating with the CIAA in their investigation, and as a result, will not be able to comment any further," read a statement on the university's website.

Initially the Centeral Intercollegiate Athletic Association was unsure if the game would be canceled.  Kevin Manns, Sports Information Director at Winston-Salem State confirmed the cancellation around 5 p.m. Friday.

A volleyball championship game was also cancelled.

The game will not be made up, but it has not yet been announced if a title will be awarded, or if either team will be able to advance to the Division Two playoffs next week.

PHOTO BY CIAA: Banquet for WSSU and VSU, held Friday, Nov. 15.

PHOTO BY CIAA: Banquet for WSSU and VSU, held Friday, Nov. 15.

Chancellor Reaves issued a strongly worded statement that indicated there were other VSU players involved, and said that the university’s police department is still investigating.

“I am saddened to report that at today’s CIAA pre-championship game luncheon held at the Anderson Center of the WSSU campus that our starting quarterback, Rudy Johnson, was viciously beaten by one or more members of the Virginia State football team. There is no excuse for the behavior of the Virginia State players. One suspect has admitted to his role in the attack and has been arrest on criminal assault charges. The University Police Department is attempting to identify the other VSU players who were involved. Today’s event was supposed to be a celebration for both teams and for all the players who were being recognized for an outstanding season. The actions from the Virginia State players certainly changed the outcome for everyone.”

Students at VSU were shocked to hear the news, surprised that the team would lose an opportunity to play at the championship. They said they are waiting for more information to be released before passing any judgement.

The team, under Coach Scott, had a 9-1 record, with a eight-game winning streak.

***Earlier the records division stated online, and over the phone, that Britt was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. CBS 6 called them to confirm a second time and were told there was a misprint.


  • Debra

    A 5-on-1 fight? Seriously guys?? Please tell me that VSU will take a stance & harshly discipliine these 5 individuals who bring shame and disgrace not only to the football program but to the school as a whole. My guess is they won’t…which is why behavior like this goes on in the first place.

  • Debra

    I seriously doubt the quarterback beat himself up. Perhaps he mis-identified his attackers, all 5 of them? I would expect the VSU coaches to deny their players involvement pending further investigation, as would any good coach. Let’s hope the whole story comes out before game time…..and IF the story is true, we’ll see if the VSU coaching staff will choose winning over expections of character, responsibility, accountability and ethics from their players. IF the story isn’t true, then shame on the Richmond media (again) for rushing to tell a story based on supposition, not fact.

  • Ken Sosinsky

    If true, VSU should forfeit the game and WSSU move on in the playoffs. The 5 ‘hood thugs’ should be expelled from the school post haste and be prosecuted. I don’t see the attributes stated above, “character, responsibility, accountability and ethics from their players” on the part of the athletic department, team management/coaches or players. Disgusting!

  • Ruthina Ackies

    can we FIRST get the facts before you start throwing all 5 players under the bus? did the qb throw the first punch? how actually hit whom? we have a few sentences and everyone runs with it. Apparently the qb was in a fight with football players from vsu. this much we know. I dont condone fighting… and i hate poor sportsmanship. lets see what the facts are…we werent there. stop assuming and suggesting punishments. thats part of whats wrong with this country.

  • orville lewis

    I’m a former VSU coach – different sport. I know the mind of the athletic director on sportsmanship. Discipline will be swift and severe. Then there is the rath of the alumni and student body.

  • Vaden Robinson Jr.

    Those VSU players if true,remember this is an ongoing investigation
    and one must not rush to judge. As an Alumni, VSU is a proud and honorable institution of higher learning and we will not tolerate students
    that act in a violent way. Please don’t punish the other players. Let the playoffs continue without the alledged players on both teams.

    Vaden Robinson Jr.

  • orville lewis

    This is emotionally devastating. Academic and athletic recruitment will take a hit. Some students will regret choosing VSU and some of those will transfer out. Financial gifts may diminish. Blah! Blah! Blah!

  • Belsma

    @KB, What the heck does attending church have to do with it? Good grief. How about parents attending children? I have no idea if the “parents” were there or not and I have no idea if anyone was attending “church”, but your seemingly assumption of people that attend church only do good is at best ignorant. I am a former “Christian” and I can assure you I am a “better” person morally than most “Christians” I know because I have nothing to hide behind.

  • Val Boston, IV

    Why did it take 4 other VSU players to break up the fight….. I wasn’t there but 130 refs have broken up fights. This sounds premeditated…..

  • Gwen

    I personally think this is way overrated yall looking at Lamont Britt and judging the guy base off what you heard if you really ask about this young man in the community hes a humble person now not taking sides but the police need to look on what may cause this rival ask your self what had to go on for this randomly attack to occur the news always making black young men look worse than what they are its a shame Mr.Britt here is the only young man taking down but i do know he has never been in no type of trouble this his first offenese and yet the news bash him

    • Ronald Davis

      Gwen: A lot of it has to do with the incident happening at WSSU, with the victim of the alleged assault being WSSU’s star quarterback. The Winston-Salem Journal was the first to break the story, and, unsurprisingly, they took the side of their guy in the initial article, publishing it with the title “WSSU quarterback attacked by 5 Virginia State players” (notice the lack of language such as “accused” or “allegedly” — the paper made an implicit judgment on what happened even before Britt was arrested). The title of the article was edited after the arrest, but you can still see it online if you scroll to the bottom of the page. In any case, that obviously biased newspaper article set the tone for the reporting of the story in other media outlets.

  • Sha

    This displays poor management throughout VSU. The slogan: ”VSU is a better world,” is a crock. If so, I would hate to see what hell looks like! I’m a VSU student and this school poor management is going to cause alot of good students to withdraw.

  • Gwendolyn Ellis-Wilson

    Before we start throwing names around, I think we should find out the entire story. Everyone knows that the media has a way of hyping things up. This is what mainstream wants us to believe. I personally know the young man being accused in this situation and I will stand firm and say that I don’t believe in NO way that he would just go up and assault ANYONE. Defending yourself is another story. We should just wait until the facts come out. I do pray that the other player involved will be okay and I hope that the CIAA will find a way to allow the schools to play. There are so many holes in the story already. The media is NEVER reliable!

  • Gwen

    well I hope the best for this young man i see on his social networks he was all about football football was his passion i hate to see his career go to waste but no one is gonna just attack someone just out of the ordinary i also hope the other youn man is ok and hopeful tell the honest truth !

  • Max R. Pardon

    If there is hard feelings it was better then before the teams took the field and the stands. Been in that before and luckily got out of the stadium before it turned real ugly between fans and players coaches and others.

  • C.Moore Butts

    I guess this shows the world what students look like at VSU. It’s sad the some of these kids never went on field trips at an early age. Usually when you take kids out they learn how to act… These kids must never get out. I know there are some good blacks in the US and then you have these hood guys that are always ready to fight and make babies that my tax dollars pay for. I will teach them how to act… Give them a gun and let em’ go to Tora Bora where they they fight goof off all day and not mess things up for guys that want to do right. Them and their families need Jesus and a good beating.

    • Pluck

      C.Moore Butts you are a truly ignorant person. Sometimes it is best to have the incident investigated, sorted out and then come to a conclusion once it has been finalized. How dare you or anyone else on this post place race and upbringing into this matter. This is not the first time fights have broken out between teams. How can you put down a college for an incident that happened between two young men, we were not there to see how it started. Maybe you are the one that needs to go to Tora Bora to have a reality check for yourself.

    • Gwendolyn Ellis-Wilson

      C.Moore Butts, really? I can’t even believe that people think like you do.You really need a lesson in objectivity. We were not there, we don’t know what happened. We know what the media has spoon fed us. Please learn to think for yourself.

  • orville lewis

    To the wonderful parents, students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends of VSU: this incident does not redefine VSU. Its proud history of surviving Jim Crow laws that wanted to eliminate educating “Negroes” or disallowing the school the status of “college”. This University is still educating and graduating students who are very proud of their accomplishments in the face of tremendous odds. No, this incident does not redefine VSC. Teachers are still teaching. Students are still learning. That is VSU. What a wonderful place! Luv u.

  • Marlo

    it is obviously, the whole initial report was “bias” i just hope VSU alumni’s, staff, and students “do not” allow WSSU and the CIAA to eliminate their program from being eligible for an opportunity in D2. inspite of the current situation, one mishap does not represent what an entire team has accomplished. read between the line, the whole entire situation from the beginning to the end has been “prejudiced” and the CIAA needs to understand that they at some point are responsible as well!! any and all championship games, should and need to be played at a “neutral” location. VSU has been thrown in the “lions den” and i hope they will not accept this and not allow the CIAA or anyone else to dictate what they have rightfully earned.

    no i am not a “Trojan” but my son is an alumni and the school in itself is a good one!!

  • I was there

    Before you judge maybe you should that WSSU had an altercation with Bowie, Johnson C. Smith and was very rude with Shaw U. also one of their coaches prior to the game made a we can handle this like some men comments at a younger Shaw U coach and it maintenance staff. Let it be known that WSSU are the darlings of the CIAA.

  • Kimberly S.

    I didn’t know WSSU arrested students who fight. My daughter still has a scar in her face after being attack by a suite mate while living in a WSSU dormitory. The student was moved to another room and told not to mess with my daughter again. WSSU should arrest its students when they fight!

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