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Police: 14-year-old girl fights off 5 boys intent on raping her

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 KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — A 14-year-old girl is recovering after being attacked by five boys, ages 17 and younger. The girl told police she was asleep at the home of a friend when she woke up and discovered a boy on top of her.

Police said the incident happened Thursday morning at a home near 68th and Jackson in Kansas City, Mo.

The girl told police she struggled to get the boy off of her while four others in the room told her they were going to rape her. She said the boys also burned her with incense.

“She said they ripped off her clothes and she ended up fighting back and actually was able to get out of the house and ran to a neighbor’s house,” Kansas City Police Spokesman Darrin Snapp said.

At the neighbor’s home, the girl called 911. When police arrived, the suspects tried to run away. Four were taken into custody. A fifth suspect remains at large.

One of the boys lives in the home with the girl but is not a relative. The other boys are believed to be his friends. The girl was taken to the hospital to be treated.

Charges could be filed Friday.

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  • VS Teacher

    Why is this girl sleeping over at a friend’s on a school night? I am not blaming the victim here! What is going on with these boys? Why were they not at home in bed themselves? It all goes back to poor parenting or no parenting!!! Teenagers need to be supervised, not allowed to run free and raise themselves!!!

    Lock up the boys’ parents and the boys!!!

  • sammi

    Why is a 14 year old girl sleeping in a house with males in it in the first place, this stated she was AT A FRIENDS HOUSE SLEEPING OVER. My mother and father would of never let that happen for the sake of intercourse happening at that young age. How do they know they are really friends and not lovers, not saying they were, but obviously this boy had other intentions. Hormones are raging for kids that age as well as stupid ideas of things they think they can get away with or wont be charged as an adult and get off easy for. I feel like parents need to get a grip on their children and not have their children have a grip on them. Who in the right mind would let their 14 year old beautiful maturing daughter sleep in a house with boys. Hang out, stay over late under supervision ok. But I still don’t understand why she was alone with boys. Even if the other four snuck in to commit the crime, why was she alone with the one in the first place. Where were all the parents, I just don’t get it. Unless the first boy who raped her was the brother or her friend, I can’t understand the parents letting her stay the night.

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