Christmas Music on the Radio: When to Start?

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Merry Christmas from our Marley

Christmas is still over a month away but the sounds of the season may be quite close!

Radio stations across the country are asking listeners when they should start playing Christmas music.

Sirius XM has already announced it will play holiday music on various channels and recently released a schedule of the launch dates.

When do you think radio stations should start playing Christmas music?


  • Mike

    I’ll take it during thanksgiving on, but it’s all become so commercial XMAS now starts it seems Oct 1st, so take into account Oct 1 through maybe early January, we spend now 25% of the year listening/watching/buying XMAS. Way too commercial, I’m burnt out on it. It’s so bad I was in the grocery store and Little Debbie are still selling Halloween cakes right next to XMAS cakes. ENOUGH ALREADY! But it’s all driven now by the mighty dollar…

  • Michael Pannoni

    Its a live and let live world, but if you don’t like it, just change the channel and wait. I’m more upset if they stop playing Christmas music before Epiphany/Three Kings Day since the religious Christmas season doesn’t end until then, when many stations stop playing Christmas on Boxing Day, which makes the holiday seem anti-climatic. If I had my preferance, I’d start sprinkling in about one song an hour starting around Veteran’s Day, increasing to about three an hour just after Thanksgiving, switching to non-stop about two weeks before Christmas and continuing through the following weekend, while still playing about two songs an hour up through January 6th.

  • Stephenie Self

    I wish they would wait until after Thanksgiving Day. We are forgetting about Thanksgiving more and more every year. Life is rushing by fast enough, we don’t need to rush it even more.

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