High school coach fired over Facebook photo

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POCATELLO, Idaho — A high school basketball coach in Idaho was reportedly fired over a Facebook photo that shows her fiancé touching her chest.

According to ABC News, the school district described the photo as “immoral.”

The photo was taken while Laraine Cook, 31, and her fiancé Tom Harrison were on vacation in July.

Cook said the school told her she was fired because the photo was on her Facebook page.

Her fiancé, who is also the school’s varsity football coach, kept his job.

Cook, who says she had never been reprimanded in her nearly five years working for the school district, has retained a lawyer to fight the school board’s decision.

Should she have gotten fired? Should he get fired? Should both keep their jobs? Share your thoughts on the WTVR CBS 6 Facebook page.

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  • scars

    First of all, while I wouldn’t call a picture like that immoral — it certainly is tacky. Nothing wrong with your fiance touching you like that, but do it privately — not in public and don’t post a photo of it on Facebook. Have a little bit of class, for heaven’s sake.

    If she has “friended” students on Facebook, then it is inappropriate. But, there seems to be a double standard. Both are employed by the school. Why was she fired and he wasn’t? Both are engaging in the “immoral” behavior in the photo — so he should be held to the same standard. Unless the issue is that he was smart enough not to post photos like that and she wasn’t.

    Honestly, if you are too dumb to realize that posting pictures like this when you are a teacher is going to come back and bite you then you are too dumb to be teaching. Whether you agree with it or not, teachers are held to a higher moral standard than other professions. You don’t have to actually be that moral, but you’d better do a good job of keeping naughty behavior private. Which, honestly, it should be anyway. If you can’t keep your hands off each other, spend the day in bed and spare everyone else.

    • athynz

      Personally I think employers need to stay off of their employee’s social media pages and nosy busybodies need to get lives.

      However this issue shows a deeper issue than lack of privacy. IF this act was so immoral for one participant to get fired why wasn’t the other participant fired as well? BOTH work at the same school and are subject to the same rules – rules which should apply to all not just one.

  • Marni Stanton

    They can argue that the other participant was not the one that posted the pic… that is why he still has his job… sorry but she should have been more careful… yes she has her life away from school, but still this shows poor judgement on her part… just my opinion :)

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