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50-50: Obenshain takes 777 vote lead in Virginia attorney general’s race

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Republican Mark Obenshain has a 777  vote lead over Democrat Mark Herring in the race for Virginia attorney general, according to the State Board of Election website.

The closeness of the race did not stop state Republicans from claiming victory Tuesday night.

"Let me be the first to congratulate Attorney General-elect Mark Obenshain on his win tonight!" Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins wrote in an email dated 11:30 p.m. Tuesday. "This race was hard fought, but in the end Virginians decided that they wanted Mark Obenshain to be the man to continue fighting to protect their families."

In the overnight hours, Democrat Mark Herring took over the lead. Before taking the lead, Herring spoke with reporters at Democratic headquarters in Northern Virginia.

“The race for attorney general is razor close. The Commonwealth has a process to make sure all the votes are counted. And we are going to makes sure we go through with that process," Herring said. “Right now it’s basically 50/50. The numbers have been moving in our direction all night. The race is far from over.”

Wednesday morning, Obenshain's camp updated its statement.

"Right now, the race is extremely close, but I'm confident that that we will prevail. Elections like this are a reminder of the importance of participating in the Democratic process. We’re going to wait until the State Board of Elections finishes its tabulations, and make any further decisions at that time," Obenshain said in an emailed statement. "We have long hours ahead of us, but I shall always be immensely grateful for your support."

Herring's camp responded by releasing the following statement around noon on Wednesday.

"Since polls closed, we've seen several lead changes and based on our projections, we are going to win. When all of the votes cast are counted, including absentee votes and thousands of provisional ballots, we're confident Mark Herring will be the next Attorney General of Virginia. We have a responsibility to make sure that that every voter is protected and every vote counts," said Kevin O'Holleran, Herring's campaign manager.

The race is likely heading to a recount, no matter which candidate is eventually declared the winner.  According to the Virginia State Board of Elections, the apparent losing candidate can file for a recount only if the margin of victory is less than 1 percent of the total vote.

Obenshain currently leads by .03 percent.

Click here to see updated Virginia election results.


  • Alec

    Some Subtracted 1,000 vote from Obershain vote total around 6pm tonight. I’ve been following it all day and he was above 1,101,000 and ahead by over 900. They subtracted 1,000 votes

  • Dan Littlehouse

    So, the people I saw taking mentally disabled individuals into the polling place and voting for them can definitely account for this 32 point lead. Democrat activists have zero ethics. Let’s hope the filthy cheaters do not win this one for their party.

    • Phil Vollman

      Well…to my knowledge–and I may very well be misinformed–those who are “under guardianship, non compos mentis [,] or insane” are disenfranchised from the electorate. That being said, I am adverse to the idea of physically bringing people to polling places, regardless of their mental status, as I think those who lack the agency or motivation to vote should should have to deal with the consequences of their ineptitude. I could ramble on about my ideal setup for elections (IRV, tax-break for voting…), but I won’t.

      Democrat here, but I’m pretty sure Obenshain is going to win. I’ll be happy for him.

    • Little Rock

      Oh Danny boy! Cuccinelli & Co. purge eligible voters from the lists and he still loses and, now, the democrats are the cheaters?

  • dan

    They also subtracted 800 votes from Herring between 8:05PM to 8:15PM ET today…I have pictures to prove it. This was not a change in votes for both candidates, just a 800 vote drop for Herring during this time period

    • RS

      Liberals seem to universally believe that anyone who disagrees with them are “stupid”.

      This is no doubt part of their self-admitted superior respect for everyone.

    • SkeeterMcClusky

      The same question can be asked of ‘Obama!’ and I bet they’d vote for him again if they could…stupid…just plain stupid.

  • WisKid

    They are going to have to look at all the write ins.

    I know a lot of people that write in the name if a their candidate even if they are on the ballot.

    It goes back to the 2000 election when Bush stole the presidency through voting machine tampering.

  • Mike

    They are playing some dirty tricks on the Repiglican side on this one I can smell it. They need to finish counting the writeins and the so called provisionals and they definitely need to start by dropping back on those 800 votes they “lost” somehow for the democrat! This isn’t a supreme court decision and this certainly isn’t florida! They need to lose like good sports, they converted enough veterans with their manipulations to lose this year and it’s high time they lost with dignity.

    • John Lutz

      I believe there was some ballot ‘stuffing’ involved in 1960, and we A L L

      know how t h a t ended for the kennedys. A L L three!!!

      The mafia got p.o.ed!!!

      By the way…, John was the O R I G I N A L A B U S E R of the IRS!!!

  • Bridget

    Makes you wonder how many votes Herring would have if Virginia hadn’t been disenfranchising Democratic voters for the last six months.

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