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Henrico voters approve meals tax

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) --  Voters in Henrico County have narrowly approved a meals tax.

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, the meals tax referendum passed 52 to 48 percent. That clears the way for the county to charge a four-percent tax on meals and beverages in restaurants.

Officials said that all revenue generated by the meals tax —estimated to raise $18 million annually — would support Henrico County Public Schools.

Additionally, officials said that about 40 percent of the revenue would be paid by non-residents, who come to Henrico.

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  • David

    You are an idiot. The 4-percent meals tax will cost you a grand total of 80 cents every time you spend $20 at a restaurant. God forbid! You’ll be in the poor house in no time! Get a clue. If you live in Henrico, your real estate tax is already 8 cents LOWER than if you live in Chesterfield. That’s a $160 per year less on a $200k home.

  • Ken Lyons

    So we have a Tax on Meals for Kids Education. Why not have a child tax to pay for kids education. We have gas tax for roads, etc. so why not a child tax? I remember the VA lottery (most sociologists call this a poor man/poverty tax) explaining their reason for being was to support education. While the profits from the VA Lottery do go to fund VA schools what you didn’t hear about was the decrease in the percentage of the general funds towards education. Just like that I bet you see money diverted from the “normal funds” to go to other projects since they now have another revenue stream to replace it. So people that voted for it, for what you thought were the right reasons, make sure they don’t decrease the percentage from the general funds that would normally cover education expenses…….. I personally think this will decrease restaurant business in Henrico and they will lose out on Gross sales (business lic Tax) and on the percentage of State Sales tax that flows down to the county. I’m sure there will be job loss as well as “non-residents” not wanting to pay the “visitors tax”. I have avoided Richmond restaurants for this very reason. Guess Henrico goes on that list as well!

  • JDP

    My understanding is that the money goes to the General Fund.. just like the lottery money. So I would guess in a couple of years much of it won’t go to Henrico Schools.

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