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Va. boy sports KKK costume for Halloween

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CRAIGSVILLE, Va. (WTVR) -- One Virginia boy decided to wear a controversial Halloween costume that has everyone talking.

This year, 7-year-old Jackson decided to dress up as a member of the Ku Klux Klan.  His mother, Jessica Black, told WHSV that she made it when he decided to dress up as a member of the white supremacist group.

However, some neighbors were shocked when they saw his costume.

"I just think it's really sad like that a kid is being taught that, that young because they don't know any better," Wendi Sprouse said.  "You don't hear that much about it nowadays."

When asked where he learned of the costume, Jackson said he saw in in the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes."

Jessica Black has received several threats through Facebook after posting a photo of her son wearing the costume.


  • Belsma

    He decided? He’s 7! I imagine the “mother” did receive some threats. Geesh, who allows that? No wonder the world is going to hell in a hand basket when we have people like this “raising” children. Freaking unbelievable!

    • Noreen

      Do not you not mean people threatening her is sad and terrible for their choice in wearing a costume? Lets face it, blacks do not like anyhting white people do and try to control what we do and say, which is bigotry,racism and prejudice right there! They have their history and whites have theirs and their right to it, no matter what it is! Tell it like it is.

      • Belsma

        You are making a generalized statement about people. Not all “blacks” feel like you think they do, just like not all “whites” feel like that and everyone in-between. I think it sucks that she let her child wear that “costume” and even the KKK said there are age requirements to join and they don’t condone it (that’s about the only good thing I can say about the group), however, they are still teaching children that they are better than everyone else that is not “white”, costume or not. It’s a cult and these kids are brainwashed. Once again, I challenge everyone to take a DNA test and find out how many different ethnic backgrounds you may have!

    • John

      Her freedom stops with the psychological oppression and racism she is imbuing her son with. Just because you have freedom does not mean you can limit someone else’s by raising them in a state of constant ignorance.

    • Devout

      Bob sure it’s a free country but not one where you set you own kid up to get killed. Or raise them in such a way of hatred.

  • karen

    The kid does not have chance. His mother has no sense. Some people just want attention no matter what kind of attention. It’s not okay to dress up as a KKK member just as it wouldn’t be okay to dress up as Hitler. It’s not okay to dress your kid up as a mass murderer.

  • sarah

    The little boy saw it on a movie. would everyone have such a issue if he was not white. Just like in bad boys they dress up as kkk. Some people have a opinion about everything. Would there be such a issue if a kid dressed up as hitler come on. That is history also and there are movies about it as well. Better yet lets not let our kids see or hear anything about history. It may effect them knowing the white man took the indians land and killed them. Also no more dressing as indians. What is wrong with people.

    • Belsma

      Seriously? Hitler..I guarantee you there would be a HUGE out lash if he dressed up like Hitler..bigger probably. You know, we all have to live together and people of all races can be jerks and punks (this is a perfect example), we are not going anywhere, so use your negative energy all you want or choose to try to live in harmony and only judge a person by the content of their character. Who said that? A black man.

  • Sheila Berry

    Two thoughts come to mind. First, maybe she’s too cheap to make a real costume for the kid. But then I hear Forest Gump saying “Stupid is as stupid does,” and that really sums it up perfectly.

  • City Worker

    When I went to high school in Chesterfield, doing exactly this was a fairly common thing. Well, let’s just say it wasn’t ‘un’-common to see it on Halloween. But that was then. I guess today it’s a major deal news story.

    • Belsma

      During what decade did you grow up in Chesterfield? I grew up here and have never seen a KKK costume, not growing up and not when I give out candy to the kids. I would have turned any child away dressed like that. Any parent that allows their child to dress up like that is setting them up for disappointment and rejection. IMHO.

    • Belsma

      What decade did you grow up in Chesterfield? I have never seen it (not saying it never took place) and have never seen it giving out candy as an adult. Would never have given out candy to someone dressed like that. That may seem cruel to the child, but I would blame it on the parents that put their child in a position to be left out. Just saying..

  • jake

    I bet it a black kid were to dress as a black panther it would be okay, what you call ignorance, I call people that actually take pride in their heritage. If more white people had any guts anymore they would stand up for these people but white people have just learned to accept that they have to take trash talking from black people, and just agree with it. I am white but white people sicken me because they just don’t or wont stand up for themselves anymore.

    • Devout

      @Jake your comment is so full of IFs. If a frog didn’t have a dick it wouldn’t f*ck. The thing is a parent of a black kid don’t teach their kids racism. That’s something that your race has done for years and this KKK costume is but an example of the hatred and racism that continues to be promoted by your own race. Your comment that whites have no guts anymore only show that they have grown past ignoramce and you should too because until you do this type of nonsense continues. Make a difference in life by making a change in yourself and others might follow.

  • jake

    Man white people really need a Al Sharpton to stand up for us we have not got one white American that will stand up for themselves anymore and to all of you black people I will prove it tomorrow just walk up to a white person and call them a cracker, peckerwood or a honkey and I bet they will not do anything about it white people are spineless.

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