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VCU student among 20 finalists for Walmart product competition

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Tumi Oredein, a Master of Product Innovation student at VCU’s da Vinci Center needs your vote.

He is in the thick of a competition for shelf space in Walmart’s “Get on the Shelf” challenge.

Voting ends THURSDAY at midnight.

The top five finishers get shelf space and the grand winner gets Walmart’s massive marketing support as well. The retail giant’s competition drew more than 1,000 product designers and innovators total.

The field has now been narrowed to 20 finalists.  Each candidate will have a video posted for three days on Walmart’s “Get on the Shelf” site where viewers will have the chance to vote for a particular product.

Watch Bill Fitzgerald's interview tonight at 7, and check out Tumi’s “Skribs” wristbands here:

Don’t forget to vote!