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CHESTER, Va. (WTVR) - Amazon held "grand openings" at the company's Chester and Petersburg Fulfillment Centers Tuesday. The centers, which actually opened for business in 2012, are where online orders placed by Amazon customers are filled and shipped.

During the media tour, Amazon Chester Fulfillment Center General Manager Tim Hall touted the company's impact on the local economy and jobs growth.

"We started with 700 associates a year ago and today we're at 1,500 associates. Full-time jobs. Great pay. Great benefits," Hall said. "We have plans to hire several thousand more [associates] just for the peak [holiday] season. We have millions of items that our customers want from us."

Amazon first announced those hiring plans over the summer. Shortly after the announcement, some current and former Amazon workers contacted CBS 6 questioning the company's hiring practices.

“They would constantly, like say, oh yeah, we’re really, really busy, we’re really, really busy today, we’ll be on mandatory overtime. But then they’ll send people home, because there was not enough work,” said a former employee who remained off-camera.

“So with the amount of people that were there to work, there wasn’t a lot of work for it to be spread around to everyone, and so they would send people home,” said Evan Tucker, who worked for Amazon in 2012.

CBS 6 senior reporter Wayne Covil went to the grand opening ceremony in Chesterfield to ask Amazon executives about the company's hiring practices.

"Why do people call us and say they're told they are hired, but then told all the jobs are filled? Or they're hired and they are only here for a week or two?" Covil asked Hall.

Amazon Corporate Communications Manager Kelly Cheeseman stepped in, preventing Hall from answering. She told Covil she would be happy to look into Covil's questions and provide answers about the company's hiring practices.

At this point, Covil is still awaiting a response.


  • Jeff Wilkerson

    sometimes jobs are not a good fit for employees and they don’t have the skills to be trained to have good work ethic…….Most companies have a 90 probabtionary period that they can let you go for any reason……as info I don’t work at Amazon

  • anon

    i work for amazon and ive been there for 2 months now. their hiring practices are off yes, but if you do get the job things downright not cool. after working there for 3 weeks they tell you the want you to fill out a “survey”. when really they send you to a room and tell you that you have to make a decision to either keep your job or quit or job for a $3,000 check. BUT you can never work for amazon again OR any amazon owned company.
    then all the sudden your rate goes up and you have to do more work. your working 10 hour shifts and sometimes working MANDATORY overtime.
    But then other days your sent home cause there is no work, and this can sometimes happen all within the same week.
    the best thing that you can do is get in, get out, and hope you get paid.

  • william m johnson

    I worked for amazon for five months I never made any friends because it is a hostile work environment other pickers or stockers are always in your way when you are trying to do your job as a picker I would not tell any one who was thinking of working there to go to that job !!!!!!!!!!!

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