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Furloughed workers return to Fort Lee, A.P. Hill despite government shutdown

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FORT LEE, Va. (WTVR) - Many of Fort Lee's Department of Defense civilians who were  furloughed due to the federal government shutdown returned to work Monday.

Though officials did not provide an exact number, a "vast majority" of the furloughed civilians were set to return to duty.

"With the recall of [Department of Defense] civilians we are looking at bringing back a lot of the services that have been lacking the past week with a lot of our civilian personnel furouloughed," said Stephen Baker, Public Affairs Officer at Ft. Lee.

Department of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel issued a statement Saturday that announced most civilian employees placed on an emergency furlough would return to work this week.

Although most Fort Lee workers were being called back, Fort Lee advised those working for non-Army DoD entities should check with their group on when to report.

Since the government shutdown on Oct. 1, many of Fort Lee's Department of Defense 5,000 civilian employees were furloughed.

The commissary at Fort Lee is scheduled to reopen Tuesday, it is normally closed on Monday for restocking.

"I did hear from military members on post that there was some work that they had to pick up," said Baker about changes in work flow on post since the shutdown.

"This is a good start at getting back to normal, but we have a ways to go," said Baker.

The approximately 110 Army Civilian employees furloughed at Fort A.P. Hill also returned to work Monday.

"Now that all employees are back to work, hunting and fishing will be allowed on post, Outdoor Recreation will resume issuing hunting and fishing licenses on Oct. 8; the Identification Card office will also reopen on Oct. 8," Public Affairs Officer Bob McElroy wrote in an email. "Army Family Lodging, gyms, Outdoor Recreation and Food and Beverage services are open during their normal operating hours."

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  • Civilian

    I’m confused, I’m a DA civilian intern at Fort Lee and the furlough for interns has ended despite the fact we are in an academic setting and do not contribute to the moral, capabilities or readiness of the war fighter. Don’t get me wrong I want to work but I don’t like it when I see miss use of funds. Here is what Hagel said, “However, DOD and DOJ attorneys concluded that the law does allow the Department of Defense to eliminate furloughs for employees whose responsibilities contribute to the morale, well-being, capabilities and readiness of service members,”

    It is this type of spending that gets us into trouble. Even after the first Furlough, departments within the gov’t had money left over at the end of the year, so they hurried up to spend every last dime, rather than to give the money back to the general fund. Our Government needs to be ran more like a business and less like welfare. My other question is what ever happened to an Honest days pay for an honest days work? the department of Army has people that want to work and do a good job, but for every one person that wants to work there is one that does not do work or only does 4 hours of work a day, These people are lazy. I would like to see an external audit done on all the different departments to help eliminate waste

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