LIVE UPDATE: Lockdown lifted after situation at U.S. Capitol

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Washington — Police near the U.S. Capitol opened fire Thursday on a car being chased by authorities from near the White House, hitting a woman driving the vehicle that also contained a child, an intelligence source told CNN.

The child appeared to be uninjured, according to the source and witnesses.

The chaotic scene, with gunfire erupting near the heart of the U.S. government, brought a swarm of emergency vehicles and caused Congress and surrounding offices to be temporarily locked down.

Alix Bryan October 3, 20133:33 pm

U.S. Capitol Police say an officer was injured in a crash resulting from a car chase from near the White House to Capitol Hill. Police are working two accident locations, 1st and Constitution Avenue and 2nd and Maryland Avenue. The officer was hurt at the first intersection and was transported to a hospital.

Scott Wise October 3, 20133:18 pm

(CNN) — The female driver of a car involved in a chase that ended at
Capitol Hill apparently was hit by gunfire, an intelligence source said.
A child was in the car.

Scott Wise October 3, 20133:17 pm

(CNN) — The suspect in the shooting situation at the U.S. Capitol is a
female, multiple sources told CNN’s Deborah Feyerick Barbara Starr and
Peter Morris.

Scott Wise October 3, 20133:17 pm

Scott Wise October 3, 20133:13 pm

Scott Wise October 3, 20133:11 pm

(CNN) — Federal law enforcement believes the shooting situation at the
U.S. Capitol has been resolved. An intelligence source says so far,
there is no tie to terrorism.

Scott Wise October 3, 20133:11 pm

Alix Bryan October 3, 20133:10 pm

We are currently waiting to hear about this driver’s–who network refers to as female–motive. 

Scott Wise October 3, 20133:09 pm

(CNN) — A CNN photojournalist heard about a dozen shots fired outside the Senate Hart Office Building on Capitol Hill.

Alix Bryan October 3, 20133:07 pm

From CNN: A motorist apparently trying to get through security barriers on Pennsylvania Avenue near the White House was chased by police, according to the U.S. Secret Service. A government official said gunfire was exchanged at Capitol Hill, with one officer injured.

Alix Bryan October 3, 20133:06 pm

CBS news reported at 3:04 that it appears, according to police, that this situation began when an automobile tried to ram
the northeast gate of the White House. 

Based on CBS network reporting, an officer became injured in the middle of that situation. 

Nick Dutton October 3, 20133:06 pm

Scott Wise October 3, 20133:03 pm

Nick Dutton October 3, 20133:03 pm

Nick Dutton October 3, 20133:02 pm

Scott Wise October 3, 20132:59 pm

U.S. Capitol lockdown has been lifted,per CBS News

Scott Wise October 3, 20132:57 pm

CBS News reporter on scene indicates situation “is over.”

Scott Wise October 3, 20132:56 pm

Press conference scheduled for 10 minutes

Scott Wise October 3, 20132:55 pm

CBS News reporting the shooting happened after a car accident near the Capitol.

Scott Wise October 3, 20132:55 pm

Scott Wise October 3, 20132:51 pm

(CNN) — Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House has been closed
to the public in the wake of a report of shots fired on Capitol Hill.

Scott Wise October 3, 20132:49 pm

Scott Wise October 3, 20132:48 pm

When asked if they were okay, Rep. Eric Cantor’s spokeswoman said “Yes. We have been told to shelter in place. Don’t know anything
else at this point.”

Scott Wise October 3, 20132:47 pm

CBS News’ Major Garrett also reports that that the section of Pennsylvania Ave. in front of the White House has been closed off.

Scott Wise October 3, 20132:46 pm

CNN Chief Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash reported that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said there was one person injured.