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Home foreclosure won’t impact school board seat

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -Ā  Richmond School Board Member Tichi Pinkney-Eppes' home is in foreclosure and 9th district representative has filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection.

"As a result of being elected to the school board I was let go from full-time employment with Communities in Schools of Richmond citing conflict of interest," Pinkney-Eppes explained in a statement. "This substantial decrease in income has made it increasingly difficult to honor my financial obligations.Ā  I decided the most appropriate way to manage my debt was to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy allowing me to reorganize my debt and still pay my creditors."

That bankruptcy filing has allowed Eppes to stay in her home, thus not impacting her seat on Richmond School Board. Eppes' home was scheduled to be auctioned off this week.


  • Joe

    Great! More losers in public office. She can’t manage her own finances but, she’s capable of making decisions that will affect the education of thousands of children. Resign now!

  • Shane

    You would think keeping your job/home/dignity is more important than filling a meaningless seat on the school board

  • Joe

    Not that she can’t manage her own finances, but she knowingly chose an office that pays nothing over a job that paid her enough to “honor her financial obligations.” When informed of the conflict of interest (which she should have figured out on her own well in advance), she could have resigned the position and kept her jog. What a crock. Self-inflicted wound for which I have no sympathy.

  • Glen Allen

    My, my, such dedication. I think we should take up a collection and pay this poor, poor woman’s house off. After all, it is not her fault, the bank has lots of money, can’t they just let her slide until the school board gives her a big raise?

    In all seriousness though, if the woman had simply issued “No Comment”, or said something like “I made some bad financial decisions, but I am working on getting caught up”, I could understand, but to blame her debt on her elected position, NO WAY!

  • Becky

    More whining, crying, and victimization.
    Can’t manage her own life/finances but seeks to Rule other’s interests.
    So Very PC Richmond.
    Sooner or later individuals will be faced with consequences of their
    own decided actions, decision, and life style choices.

  • Karl

    Her debt was paid off by Ken Cuccinelli campaign office of course she would say anything to get a huge payoff like that…. FOLLOW THE MONEY & GIFTS. KEN CUCCINELLI IS A CROOK LIKE THE ONES HE PROSECUTES!!

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