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Adoptable pets looking for their new home!


RICHMOND, Va. — These adoptable pets are being featured during Mike Goldberg’s Paws for Pets segments this weekend…

Johnny and June are very sweet 8-month old kitties, adoptable from Richardsons Rescue.  They were previously adopted out as kittens last January to a loving home, but came back through no fault of their own when their family became homeless.  Despite losing their family and home, they are the sweetest cats you’ll meet.  They are playful, talkative, and will do anything for chin rubs.  Since they’ve gone through so much, we want them to stay together and Richardsons Rescue is offering a reduced adoption fee for the pair.  Johnny and June would do great in any home, they love other cats, kids and dogs!  They are truly a pair of sweethearts!  You can reach Richardsons Rescue at 804-387-3758.

Previously featured adoptable pets include…

Kaldi is a 6-year old dog, adoptable from the Richmond Animal League.  He is super sweet and loves food, people and affection!  Kaldi would make a great couch potato companion and would be more than happy to stay in and watch Netflix with his favorite human.  He can be a bit nervous and reserved at first, but with a little bit of love and some tasty treats he’ll soon let you see his wonderful personality.  You can reach RAL at 804-379-0046.

Freeloader is a 1-year old Lab/Hound mix, adoptable from Pixie’s Pen Pals.  Nick-named “Free,” this young pup knows how to sit, lay down and stay.  He gets along well with other dogs, but should go to a home that doesn’t have any cats for him to chase.  Freeloader’s sweet and goofy personality would be the perfect addition to any family!  You can reach Pixie’s Pen Pals at 804-525-2193.

Narwal is an adorable 3-month old kitten, adoptable from the Richmond SPCA.  Her brother Beluga was recently adopted and she is now looking for her perfect match and forever home.  You can reach the Richmond SPCA at 804-521-1307.

Fancy Peanut is an adventure-seeking 2-year old Pit Bull mix, adoptable from Richmond Animal Care & Control.  She would be the perfect hiking or running buddy, as she loves being outside and has tons of energy.  She absolutely adores every person, child, and dog she meets and does very well in all social settings.  Peanut is house trained and knows her basic commands.  She is as affectionate as she is adventurous and loves a good cuddle.  You can reach RACC at 804-646-5575.

Suzanne Somers is a 7-year old beautiful cat, adoptable from the Richmond Animal League.  She is relaxed, super affectionate and full of love!  She adores people, snuggling, and receiving lots of pets.  Head scratches are probably her favorite.  She is on a special, very manageable diet.  You can reach RAL at 804-379-0046.

Topanga is an 8-month old Anatolian Shepherd, adoptable from the Henrico Humane Society.  She was recently rescued from a rural shelter and placed in a foster home.  She is quite the friendly gal and looking for her permanent home.  You can reach Henrico Humane at 804-262-6634.

Mark is a very friendly, 4-year old cat adoptable from the Richmond SPCA.  He likes to “chill,” lay around and be pet!  He can play fetch with his toys and will purr while you pet him.  Mark is a great companion that would prefer a quieter home.  You can reach the Richmond SPCA at 804-521-1307.

Marrakech is an 8-year old mixed breed dog, adoptable from the Richmond Animal League.  He is a mild-mannered boy, who is as gentle and sweet as they come.  He loves soft scratches and pets, and is a perfect snuggler.  Marrakech would make a great TV buddy and couch potato.  He can be a tad reserved at first — just sweet talk him and tell him how handsome he is and he’ll soon be your best friend!  You can reach RAL at 804-379-0046.

Mia is a 1-year old Shepherd mix, adoptable from the Hanover Humane Society.  She is coming out of her shell and is being placed with a foster that has other dogs.  She is more outgoing and happy with another dog.  Mia is very affectionate with people that have gotten her trust.  You can reach Hanover Humane at 804-798-8248.

George (female) is a 9-year old kitty, adoptable from the Richmond SPCA.  She is a gorgeous lady with declawed front paws.  George is about 14 pounds, so there is plenty of her to love!  She would make a wonderful addition to any home.  You can reach the Richmond SPCA at 804-521-1307.

Babinka is a gorgeous pastel Calico, adoptable from the Richmond SPCA.  She is very affectionate and loves head pats and being brushed.  Babinka is a very healthy girl, but she does require prescription food to help her with her food allergies.  You can reach the Richmond SPCA at 804-521-1307.

Waffles is a calm kitty, about 8 years old and adoptable from Richardsons Rescue.  She is the best bedtime snuggle buddy!  Waffles will perk up and shake a little in excitement when her owner comes home!  When she is particularly happy, you’ll catch her cute little tongue pop out.  She was born with weaker back legs, so she doesn’t love being picked up, but she hardly needs to be with how much she’ll follow you around!  You can reach Richardsons Rescue at 804-387-3758.

Mighty Joe is an 8-year old boy, adoptable from the Richmond SPCA.  She loves being around people and knows basic commands.  Mighty Joe will certainly add love and laughter to your home!  You can reach the Richmond SPCA at 804-521-1307.

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