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Commander recounts someone being shot in head beside him

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Commander Tim Jirius was at the scene when a man was shot right beside him, in the head.

WASHINGTON D.C. (WTVR/AP)–A Navy commander says a man was shot right next to him as the two had a brief conversation after evacuating buildings at the Navy Yard.

Commander Tim Jirius said that he was speaking to a man about the situation unfolding in the building. He said that he could not confirm with the man at that time if there was definitely a shooter.

Next he said they both heard shots nearby.

“One hit him, he fell down,” said Jirius. “I ran from there after that.”

“I saw him drop in front of me, he was shot in the head,” he said. “I left after that because I didn’t know if the shooter was coming out of the buidling, or if I was in an area where he could hit me as well.”

Click on the video above for Commander Jirius’ full account.

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