More Obama Protesters spotted along I-95

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COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (WTVR) -- Protesters were out again on an overpass above I-95 in Central Virginia asking drivers to honk for the impeachment of President Obama.

CBS 6 News cameras spotted a group in Colonial Heights Thursday.

That group said they learned a valuable lesson after other protesters caught flack in Hopewell last week. One member of that group carrying an assault rifle prompted several calls to police.

“The gentleman in Hopewell was well within his constitutional rights, but looking at it from the chief's point of view. I can't imagine how many calls he would get if someone was standing here carrying a rifle,” said protester Daniel Szabo. “Grandma could be getting mugged, but they can't respond because someone's up here carrying guns."

On Oct. 7 the group hopes to hold a rally on I-95 overpasses stretching from Maine to Florida.