Questions raised over leaning tower of power

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RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) - A tilted power pole in an alley off North Laurel St. in Richmond has caught the attention of several people in the area.

"It looks like a serious traffic hazard," said Thor Levesque, who works near the pole.

Tony Chater, a property manager near the area told CBS 6 after seeing the leaning pole day after day, he had some safety concerns.

"Eventually what's going to happen is somebody, either a dump truck or those garbage disposal people; they're going to make a turn and hit it and it's going to snap..and its going to happen when there's students in the area," said Chater.

CBS 6 took the concerns about the pole to Dominion Virginia Power. After contacting them, Dominion Spokesman Karl Neddenien said three people came to check the site to inspect the poles in the area and found them structurally sound.

Neddenien said crews look for signs of cracking, splitting of the pole itself, and signs that a vehicle might have backed into the pole and struck it. After the inspection he told CBS 6 nothing was there.

"There's no way I could agree with that," said Levesque

Neddenien said he understands why people would have concerns about the tilt, but said a leaning power pole is normal.

"If we were to replace this pole today with a brand new one that's perfectly perpendicular and put the same equipment and wires on it within it a short time it too would be leaning," said Neddenien.

Although the tilted power poles in the area off North Laurel St. were structurally sound. Neddenien said he encourages anyone to call Dominion if they have any concerns regarding the power poles.