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Cuccinelli holds town hall meeting

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - Chesterfield residents went to the town hall meeting on Saturday to hear what Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli has to say about the economy, healthcare reform and creating jobs.

However, no one brought up the recent scandal involving Governor McDonnell and the gifts he’s returning to Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams.

Cuccinelli received more than $18,000 of gifts from Williams, which included a Thanksgiving dinner, private jet trips and vacation lodging.  He said the gifts were intangible when CBS 6 asked him about it.

"We don't have anything to return,” Cuccinelli said.  “The governor got cash and loans and objects of various kinds.  I didn't get anything like that.  I'm not in that category at all.”

Cuccinelli said he called for a state and federal investigation after the scandal broke.  Then he went to a democratic prosecutor who he said cleared him of any wrongdoing.  He accused his opponent Terry McAuliffe of accepting some questionable gifts too.

"Clinton bedroom, Air Force One, over a million dollar gift loan to the President of the United States,” Cuccinelli said.  “He's got quite a colorful history there.”

Spokesperson Brian Coy for the Democratic Party of Virginia told CBS 6, "Ken Cuccinelli put his own financial interests ahead of what's best for Virginia when he took $18,000 in gifts and trips from Star Scientific and CEO Jonnie Williams. Now, he's refusing to follow Governor McDonnell's lead and return the value of the gifts that helped cause his damaging scandal.  It's time for Cuccinelli to come clean, return the tainted gifts and apologize for unethical behavior.”

Cuccinelli said he wants the Governor to call a special session and address state disclosure laws.