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Man arrested after calling 911 over McDonald’s order

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ALBANY, Georgia (WALB) - A man arrested for calling 911 to complain about his McDonald's order said he considered his disagreement with a restaurant manager an emergency.

"I went in to order seven McDoubles and one Chicken, and one fry," Lorenzo Riggins said. "When I got to my truck I looked in my bag and come to find out I didn't have but six McDoubles."

Riggins said when he went back inside to get his other burger, an employee gave him attitude, so he called police.

"I'm up here at McDonald's up here," Riggins can be heard saying on a 911 recording. "And I ordered like seven burgers.  And I went to my vehicle right.  And I came back in and they took a burger from me."

Police arrived at the restaurant and arrested Riggins for violation of emergency 911 telephone.

"I called the police and thinking that everything was all cool by calling the police.  I didn't know I was misusing 911.  I never thought that," Riggins said.

Riggins bonded out of jail and said he was upset he never got a chance to explain his side to police.

"I want justice, I want to be treated like a person with respect and any other person with respect, but I never knew that I was misusing 911," he said. "I would like to say check your food before you leave, always be careful when you go buy food anywhere you go."

Workers at the Georgia McDonald's where this incident took place would not comment.