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Quinnipiac Poll: President’s approval in foreign policy hits new low

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – More Americans are upset with President Barack Obama according to the latest Quinnipiac poll. The biggest drop in approval came with his handling of foreign policy. Only 40 percent of American voters approve of Obama’s foreign policy. It was his worst grade ever in the category

Both sides of the aisle agree the United States should stay out of Syria’s civil war and opposed providing arms and supplies to rebels. Democrats and Republicans also supported the use of drone and cruise missile strikes, while independent voters remain split.

Overall, Obama’s approval rating has taken another small hit. His approval rating dropped one percent to 44. That is down from 45 percent at the end of May.

The president saw positive numbers when it came to his handling of terrorism where 52 percent of Americans approve. Americans are also fond of his character, 50 percent said Obama was honest and trustworthy, 52 percent said he has strong leadership qualities and 52 percent of voters agreed he cared about their needs.

In order to read the full report from Quinnipiac Polling instiute click here.

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