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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Over a hundred people turned out to three locations across Richmond Friday evening, hoping to catch a peek of a Kanye West music video. The hip-hop icon has been projecting music videos on the walls of buildings in major cities to promote his album Yeezus, which will officially release on Tuesday, June 18th.

West's website gives locations like Amsterdam, Chicago, San Diego, and London for Friday's projections. Three locations were listed in Richmond but witnesses tell CBS 6 that no projections ever showed.

Richmond Police also tell CBS 6 that they were not notified of the projections, but dispatched around 15 officers to each location for crowd control. They say that all crowds on Friday night were orderly.

One viewer tells CBS 6 that eventually a projection did show around 1:30 am in Richmond, it's unclear if police or crowds were present.

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