Teenage boy shows up to hospital with gunshot wound

Teen injured in Boston bombings crowned prom queen

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LOWELL, Mass. (WCVB) -- A teenage girl injured in the Boston bombings got something more unique than a marathon finisher's medal Tuesday night when she was crowned pom queen.

Eighteen-year-old Sydney Corcoran said she was on the verge of tears most of the night because she was so happy to be back and see all of her friends.

The special evening marked a milestone for Corcoran's road to recovery from the Boston Marathon finish line. She shared a hospital room with her mother as the pair recovered from the blast that forever changed their lives.

“When I was in the hospital, I didn't think this was going to be possible," she said. "Then I got to the rehab, 'cause I was up and doing things. It felt like I could do it.”

Corcoran said getting out of rehab in time for prom -- and so she could attend graduation were definitely motivating factors.

And with a little help from her date, Ryan, she persevered with crutches, gown and all.

“I know I won't have the energy to stay until the very end, but just being here is good enough,” she said