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via @keithelgin

via @keithelgin

via @keithelgin

Robert Griffin III might be a busy professional athlete, but that doesn’t mean he has forgotten his manners. A fan posted the handwritten thank-you note from RG3 and his fiance on Twitter.

It thanks them for the welcome mat that Christian singer Keith Elgin, and his partner Emily, gave the couple as a wedding gift. Last week the Washington Post ran a feature interviewing fans on why they decided to give the NFL player wedding presents. 

The note from RGIII reads:

“Keith & Emily,

Thank you for your kind gift. Even as nothing was expected from you, out of the love in your hearts you sent us one anyways, and made our wedding experience even more special. Thank you!”

It has gone viral on social media sites. Good form, RG3 (and Rebecca).

Story via Washington Post.