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A cool end to April

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Although the month of April ended up being a little warmer than normal, the final days of the month were cool.  The period of April 25-30 featured below-normal highs.  For the entire month, 14 days had above normal highs, and 16 days had below normal highs.

The monthly average temperature was 59.8°, which was 1.6° above normal.  The coldest temperature was 30° on April 3, and the warmest was 91° on April 10.  When you look at all of the daily temperatures, the average high for the month was 71° and the average low was 48°.

Rainfall totaled 2.88″, which was 0.39″ below normal.  Measurable rain was recorded on 13 days with the highest 24-hour rainfall being 0.99″ on April 28-29.  There was a trace of snow on April 4.