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Man claims 14-year-old burger refuses to rot

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A 14-year-old burger looks good as new has no mold or apparent difference from a freshly made fast-food burger.

According to the report, the McDonald’s burger was purchased from by David Whipple in Logan, Utah, on July 7, 1999, Whipple claims.

Oldes Hamburger


“Being always on a diet, I was involved with another weight loss gimmick and scheduled to do a home presentation the following month.  This hamburger was going to be an object lesson about live enzymes.  At the little meeting, I showed the hamburger and the pickle, which was just starting to disintegrate.  There was no decomposition to the meat or bun, nor any mold, fungus or smell.  It had no bad odor at all,” Whipple said in a recent blog post.

The hamburger, in the original sack with the receipt, ended up in a coat pocket jacket.

“The hamburger has never been in a refrigerator during its 13 year life. Now it just sits on a shelf,” Whipple said.

Whipple recently appeared on “The Doctors” television show to talk about the burger.

Whipple said he will keep the burger to encourage his grandchildren to eat healthy.

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