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Waverly man says police caused multiple face fractures

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WAVERLY, Va. (WTVR) -- A Waverly man says he remembers waking up in the hospital, but had to rely on neighbors to fill in the blanks about how he wound up with a fractured nose and eye socket.

Larry Turner said he does remember a police officer coming to his home and the short argument that ensued.

Neighbors said that when he walked out of his house with the officer following him that they heard the officer shouting  for Turner to stop -- and that he was under arrest for assault.

After repeating that several times, neighbors said Turner complied and was handcuffed and led toward the police car.

That's when they said the officer picked up Turner and slammed him face first into the pavement.

One neighbor said that when Turner did not move, she feared he was dead.

"The officer picked him up by the hands and by his arm and by his shirt collar, looked like he just slammed him face first down in the street -- and he went plop," Barba Faltz said.

Another neighbor said the officer in question kicked Turner as he lie motionless on the asphalt.

Turner, who was charged with felony assaulting a police officer, was taken to a Petersburg hospital.

Medical records indicate he has a fractured nose, facial fractures and a fractured eye socket.

Turner admits he's well-known to the local police and has been arrested before, but said he did not assault the officer or deserve what he claims happened.

The Waverly police chief refused to appear on camera, but did offer CBS 6 a statement on the incident.

"While investigating the allegations the officer was assaulted by the suspect," said Police Chief T. Christian in a statement. "As a result, the suspect was arrested for assault on a law enforcement officer.  The suspect sustained minor injuries as a result of his assaulting the police officer during the investigation."

Turner called the statement bogus.

" I'd hate to see what you call something major if this is just minor," he said.

Additionally, Christian said that the officer involved is on administrative leave while an investigation is completed.

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