Today’s Discovery: Palliative care at VCU Massey Cancer Center

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Serious illnesses like cancer can cause physical symptoms, such as pain, nausea or fatigue, as well as psychological symptoms like depression or anxiety. The treatments for these diseases may also cause symptoms or side effects. Palliative care uses a holistic approach to relieve suffering from serious illnesses, and can be provided alongside curative therapies.

The internationally award-winning palliative care program at VCU Massey Cancer Center addresses any physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual needs a patient has and provides support for family and caregivers as well. Massey provides palliative care to cancer patients on an outpatient basis in a supportive care clinic and to patients with any serious illness on an inpatient basis in its Thomas Palliative Care Unit and through a consult service for doctors throughout VCU Medical Center.

Discover how VCU Massey Cancer Center is advancing the practice of medicine by integrating palliative care into the treatment of cancer and other chronic illnesses.

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