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Despite Rams’ loss, fans still see gain

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - The VCU men's basketball team was eliminated from the NCAA tournament Saturday by the Michigan Wolverines by a score of 78-53.

Even though their season is now over, the Rams have won at least one game in the NCAA tournament each of the past three seasons.  For the thousands of Rams fans watching the game in Richmond, a sense of pride over VCU's "havoc" style of play has developed.

"I think this is better than a professional team could do for Richmond," Karen Riley-Jones, a VCU alumnus, said about the fan support for the Rams.  "This college's enthusiasm is wonderful."

The "havoc" coach Shaka Smart's team create on the floor has slapped his squad with a label that draws many eyeballs across the nation.

"It's been a great run," Pete Longinness, a VCU graduate student, said.  "Shaka has put together a great team.  He's got a program that's rockin' right now."

"Now for the first time ever, there's a brand there with VCU basketball," Andrew Jamestown, another graduate student, said.  "People know what havoc means, and what it will mean in the future."

VCU men's basketball team has now won 12 NCAA tournament games in 12 appearances all-time.  They finish the season with a 27-9 record overall.