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Cheerleader convicted of killing multi-millionaire vows to prove innocence

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(CBS News) — Nearly two decades after he was caught in a love triangle that turned deadly, former New England Patriots player Eric Naposki vows to say what really happened on this week’s “48 Hours.”

“I might wear handcuffs and I might be locked up, but I’m no criminal,” Naposki tells correspondent Troy Roberts in an update to a story CBS News first brought viewers in October 2011.

“There’s a person out there who actually committed a crime and today I’m going to tell the world who really did it and I’m going to prove my innocence,” she says.

The story starts nearly 20 years ago when multimillionaire Bill McLaughlin began dating – and eventually proposing to – the much younger Nanette Johnston. Then, one night in December 1994, someone shot and killed McLaughlin.

Police questioned Johnston, but she had an alibi. Police later learned Johnston was involved with Naposki, who had his own plans to marry the beauty.
Initially, police lacked sufficient evidence to bring the case to justice.

However, 15 years later, prosecutors believed they had enough to make a case and Naposki was arrested. Convicted of murder in July 2011, Naposki maintains police got the wrong man, and he tells Roberts why.

Saturday’s broadcast also includes the dramatic conclusion to the case – will a judge feel believe Naposki’s story?

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