App lets users tag businesses ‘gun friendly’ or ‘gun free’

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(WTVR) -- A new app allows users to vote with their wallets when it comes to supporting gun rights -- or gun control.

The Gun Free Zone app, which was created by a gun rights advocate in Utah, said the program allows shoppers to choose to do business with people who share their views.

"By having the app in everybody's hands, they can decide. If you feel strongly about the gun issue, vote with your wallet. Don't patronize this store, patronize this store," Karl Hale, the app's creator, said.

The app lets users find businesses that are "gun friendly" or "gun free." App users simply tag businesses as either friendly or free.

"This is not a question of are guns good or bad... this is a question of can I take what I think is my right into someone else's space," Hale said.

One Utah business owner said he used the app to tag his business as "gun friendly."

"If you're pro-gun, it's a tool for you to use to know where you can go to carry a gun, and where it's responsible not to carry a gun," Rich Lewis said.

A grocery store in Springville, Utah was listed as undeclared on the app. However, an assistant store manager had mixed reaction.

"I would keep an eye on it, if anything suspicious did happen, I would ask them to leave, but on an initial walk-in, I would be fine with that."

The app is free to download.